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Eraser Blue (Eraser #2) by Megan Keith

He was mysterious, brooding and sexy. 
She was his for only one night. 
It was a night she would never forget. 
His rules have changed. 
Now he’s back. He’s staking his claim. 
He is done with waiting. 
He is the powerful drug that Mackenzie craves. 
She wants more - wants him - whoever he is...

                             My opinion:
The story continues from where the first book ended. 
Sir came to take her home with him, but something happened and he left
without her. She was very disappointed. He didn't forget her, with a very sweet gesture he invited her for dinner. He was able to make her feel uncomfortable,angry and aroused. He knew that she doubted him enough because of how he treated her the last time but now he would show her how much he wanted her, he would make everything right.And he did until he fucked up, now he had to make it up for her again.

It's a nice short story.
 We don't get to know much about Sir, only that he wants Mack so much that it makes him act crazy. Mack now is happy because she realised that he trully wants her and that he won't lie to her. At one point i thought he was a psycho, the specific scene scared me, but after that he was so sweet with her and honest.

My favourite line:
“For? I’ve seen you naked and done things to your body that, I’m guessing, not too many men

have had the pleasure of, so please, don’t be coy with me. If it feels good, by all means moan.”

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