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Satan's property (Satan's Sons MC #1) by Celia Loren

Betrayed by love, isolated and abused, sold as collateral to a rival MC… 

Things were supposed to be different for Violet Avery. Her father was the president of the Devil’s Army Motorcycle Club, and she married the love of her life Rooster—one of the hottest bikers in the club. 

When her father dies on a cartel run, Rooster suddenly turns into a ruthless monster, usurping the president’s chair, forcing the club into the drug trade, and condemning Violet to a life of misery and isolation. 

As Rooster’s lust for power drives him deeper into madness, he offers Violet to a rival club, the Satan’s Sons MC—as collateral—to be their sexual slave and property until a deal goes through. 

The Satan’s Sons live in abandoned insane asylum and are rumored to be sexual sadists, rapists, and ruthless murderers…One-Percenters who operate under no code of honor. Violet has no choice but to accept her fate as the property of the club. 

Violet knows deep down that Rooster has no intention of the deal ever going through, he’ll leave her fate up to the Satan’s Sons. Her only hope lies in a sexy biker they call Drifter... 

                                       My opinion:
The story begins describing the day of Violet's marriage four years ago. She was so happy, the guy she had a crush on chose her to be his wife. Present day: her life now isn't as she thought it would be, she is unhappy and wants to get away from her husband and the Devil's Army but she can't. On their anniversary day, he was like the old Rooster, he was nice and wanted 
to take her out, she had a feeling that something was wrong. And she was right, he negotiated with the most crazy bikers (his words), he would give her to them. In that moment she realised that Rooster never loved her. Satan's Sons president told her what happened between them and Rooster and explained her what she had to do there. Most men and women were nice to her
but she still knew that she was nothing more than a prisoner. Next day she meets a man who made her heart beat fast, Drifter. They fell for each other fast and Violet told him the truth about Rooster. The Devil's Army started a fight with the Satan's Sons and since Violet was good with the guns she went to help her new and only family. In the end Violet was living a happy life with a man who loved her as much as she loved him.  

It's a pretty simple story, we don't learn too much about the characters. It's most about the development of the story. I liked the way that it's written, you have the past first and then the future without going back and forth, easier to


You can buy it on Amazon:
                               Satan's Property

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