Come (Dirty, Dark and Deadly #1) by J.A. Huss

 My name is James Fenici and you will never see me coming. I walk the shadows like darkness itself. I hide in the corners where nobody looks. I live by no rules, I have no boundaries, I take no prisoners, and I never, ever blink. I am not your knight in shining armor; I'm your worst nightmare.

My name is James Fenici and you are my target. Only one of us is getting out alive, and that's not gonna be you. Once your name is on my list, your life is over. It's a deal I make with death, it's a contract I sign in blood, it's forgone conclusion--get used to it.

My name is James Fenici and I'm as dirty as they come. But then one day I saw her. And every monster I thought I was. Every fact I thought I knew. Every dirty promise I ever turned down came back to slap me in the face.

                                                             My opinion:
  James is an assassin, he found a girl, study her for months and decided that she will be his. Harper was a target and that made her very anxious and paranoid, she couldn't even live her life she was always hiding. Then James appeared to her showed her that he wanted her but also revealed that he belonged to the same organization she did. It was clear that they desired each other but Harper couldn't trust him. Her only purpose on life was to find the brother she lost.

This is a very complicated book (to me at least), i kept reading just to find out what's the whole story about. There isn't so much sex, it has vulgar language and martial art moves. I didn't understand much about the characters, only that she is a fighter and he is a very hot dominant assassin. I hope that the second book is more enlightening.

My favourite lines:
 1)The night ending with a nice hard and dirty fuck at your place so I can disappear in the middle of the night while you sleep peacefully, content with the multitude of orgasms I gifted you.”

2)“Well, then you can be sure, Harper. I did not fuck you. Because I don’t do anything half-ass. And
if I was gonna fuck you, believe me, you’d feel the effect of my cock in your pussy for a week and the only thing on your mind would be when I’d come back and do it again.”

3)“I don’t know what to tell you. I just want it to feel good. I just want you to touch me and make me
feel good. Make this loneliness go away for a little bit. Make me…” I stop and look up at him. His
attention is rapt. Like he’s hanging on my every word. “Make me feel wanted.”

4)“Because you’re mine. If I’m your first I’m going to be your last. So I need you to be sure.” He
watches me as I process his words. “Are you sure?”

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