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Falling for the enemy (Falling in love #1) by Sam Crescent

June Armstrong has hated Trey Hunt since high school. Yet, no matter how much she hated Trey, she also had the biggest crush on him. It was sick crushing on her enemy, but she got over it—or did she? 

Years later, June is a success. She’s confident and loving life. However, Trey works across the street from her. He’s sexier, covered in ink, and he makes her melt more than before. To complicate her mixed emotions, he wants her badly and won’t take no for an answer. 

Could falling for her enemy be that bad? Trey’s a temptation she can’t refuse. What’s wrong with giving in a little? 

                                               My opinion:
Trey was a tattoo artist,whose work was quite famous. He also was in love with June since high school. She was a chubby shy kid but now she was an attractive voluptuous woman. Bad thing was that he and his friends used to bully her in school. June's dream was to own a bakery and even her parents didn't like the idea at first but they gave her a bakery shop full of the best equipment which happen to be across of Trey's tattoo parlor. Their first encounter after all those years didn't go very well, she was still hurt by his actions. But Trey was determined to make her see him with a different way, he wanted her and he'll do anything to have her. When he convinced her and they became a couple she was worried on how her family and the rest of the town will look at them, she was from a wealthy family and he was from a bad one and most important he used to bully her. She was in for a big surprise...

A cute short romantic story. A girl who even though she was a forgiving person she hadn't forgive or forget what her bullies did to her until the moment one of them proved to her that he had change. He used to make her life a hell but now he was  going to make her happy. Along with Trey's and June's story we have glimpses of his friends,Dale and Max, lives.

My favourite lines:
1)“That’s okay. We only ever need one friend in this world to survive.” 

2)If we’ve got to go back in the morning then I’m spending the rest of today and tonight making love
to your body. Prepared to be loved

3)“You’re reading porn,” he said, kissing her neck.
       “I’m not. It’s erotic fiction.” She lay against his chest. His legs were either side of her.

       “It’s porn. Cunt, fuck, cock, pussy, it’s porn.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                  Falling for the enemy

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