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Danger Bad Boy (Beware of Bad Boy #2) by April Brookshire

In Beware of Bad Boy, Caleb and Gianna went from being enemies to friends to falling for each other. They hid their new relationship from the one person who would try to keep them apart. 

But now their secret was out and they were fighting to stay together. Running away wouldn't solve their problems, but it allowed them a break from real life. 

Unfortunately, new problems arose. Caleb still fought giving all of himself to Gianna and Gianna tried to hide the hurt it caused her. 

When opposition becomes too strong and they are forced apart, will Caleb be able to win Gianna back?

                                           My opinion:
Gianna and Caleb are going to Vegas. Her mom was going crazy,calling and texting. Her first night in Vegas was amazing for  both of them. Their only problem was that Caleb was afraid to accept and express his feelings to Gianna. That made her a little sad. Gianna's mom, the evil monster she is, threaten to send her daughter away if she didn't come back. He couldn't
live so far away from her so they went back, but her evil plan didn't stopped there she was determined to keep them away from each other. Her plan worked they weren't together anymore and they were both hurting. Caleb couldn't be away from her he'll earn her trust again no matter what. Gianna was confused with his new behavior she didn't know if he loved her
or he was just possessive. They found a plan so they can be together, they were happy and that's when the crazy ex appears again and sent her to the hospital. And then they were apart again....

I liked the story it was very interesting. It had suspense. But i hated the end of it. The best part it was when Caleb admit that he loved Gianna, also it was fun to watch him interact with Ian. Her mom was still crazy and causing problems as much as her ex boyfriend Josh. We don't get to see her friends much on this book though. I hope they get to be together in the third book, i love a happy ending!!!

My favourite line:
What Would Jesus Do?

 Well, I was positive he would have kicked Josh’s ass too.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                               Danger Bad Boy

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