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Inked (Inked #1) by Jenika Snow

Around town Cadeon Morris is known as trouble. He rides a Harley, owns a tattoo shop, and gives ink to the local biker gang in town. He is who he is, and explains himself to no one. 

Stella Lore is the daughter of Mickey “Scary” Lore, the leader of the biker gang in Reckless. She is used to having no dates, especially when the members of the MC threaten any guy that shows an interest in her. But at twenty-three she wants to experience life for herself, go wild, and do something that she may regret later. 

It’s time for Stella to get a little ink of her own, and Cadeon is going to be the man to give it to her. Getting it on with a bad boy sounds like a pretty good way to let loose, but it seems Cadeon is the only one all for it. 

                                         My opinion:
A dominant man, a strong willing young girl and lots of angry vicious bikers.

Stella was the the vicious bastards mc president's daughter. She didn't have so much freedom as she was always guarded by badass bikers so she hadn't so many dates either. Now she had her eyes on a tattoo artist who did all the bikers tattoos. Cadeon was much older than her but she didn't seem to be bothered by that. She wanted to get her first tattoo and she trusted Cadeon to do that but she was nervous that she would be so close to him, just as much as he was. They didn't know if they could control themselves. They were right about it, they couldn't control their desire so they gave in and had so much fun. When her dad found out about their relationship wasn't so happy about it, but he cared for his little girl so he accepted it. Eventually the whole club accepted him as one of their one as they saw that he loved the biker princess.

My favourite lines:
1)That, right there, was ground for him to go missing … like the six feet under kind of missing.

2)“That the saying ‘could drive nails through steel’ is pretty fucking accurate of my condition right now.”

3)“Do it, Stella. Fuck yourself on me.”

4)Tally asked in a high-pitched voice. “I have never been so insulted in my life.”
       Naggie snorted. “You must not get out much then.”

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