The junior bridesmaid by Amy Baker

Sixteen-year-old Delilah Welling never understood why Darcy Strong despised her so much. Especially since their mothers had been friends for a lifetime. So when Delilah is asked to be The Junior Bridesmaid in Darcy's wedding, Delilah is understandably surprised and reluctant to say yes. Upon her mother's insistence, Delilah finally agrees determined to look at the bright side. 

And there couldn’t be a brighter side than Hugh Rowen, a.k.a. the groom. Delilah has always been in love with Hugh and could never understand what a nice guy like Hugh was doing with a wench like Darcy. 

Before the wedding, Delilah discovers that the bride-to-be is keeping a torrid secret. Fearful that she will hurt Hugh, she remains silent, going about her Junior Bridesmaid duties as planned. 


All hell breaks loose during the wedding ceremony. Embarrassed and devastated, Delilah flees the wedding. But not before hurting the love of her life. 

Twelve years later, Delilah is 28 and living a happy existence in New York. Until one day when she receives a message addressed to JUNIOR? Has Hugh hunted her down twelve years later to exact revenge or is he in New York for a different reason entirely? Either way, twelve years is a long time to wait to find out!

                                            My opinion:
Delilah was invited to be a junior bridesmaid in Darcy's wedding. It seemed strange to her since the two of them didn't like each other. The only good thing
for her was that she was going to see the groom, the handsome Hugh. But even that wasn't good enough, this wedding was a torture for her. One day Delilah
found out a secret that could destroy Darcy's wedding, and even though she didn't want to hurt Hugh, Darcy's evi; outburst made her do it. She felt awful but  she couldn't take back what she did. Twelve years later she received a note from him saying that he'd like to see her again. Next day she had another surprise, Hugh was going to work with the company she was working. He asked her to have dinner with him and it didn't turned out so good. So far Hugh was trying to have an intimate relationship with Delilah but she was running away because she was misreading everything that was happening. Her partner at work set her up so Delilah will never be with Hugh and her plan was working just fine. But the little angel of a friend she never knew she had corrected everything. After many many years Delilah was living happily with Hugh.

Such a romantic story. It's funny as well and has a bit of drama in it. It's a light read, a good bedtime story or for a nice evening read. Delilah was a
very good person, but boy she was a magnet for crazy women. She's been through alot in her life but eventually she had her happy ending in both her
personal life and her career. Hugh was a great guy who wasn't afraid of showing his feelings or talking about them,which made him unique.My favourite 

character was Logan, he's not a main character but he was funny and amazing.

My favourite lines:
1)“Oh yeah, what are going to do? Call your best friend Elmo to come beat me up?” 

2)Since Stacey hadn’t sat down she walked to the doorway and peeked her head outside where Logan sat. “Get me a cup of coffee.” Then she made the ‘psht’ sound with her mouth and said ‘over.’
       The intercom crackled again. “Say, please.” Psht. “Over.”
       Stacey’s head was still outside of the room. “No,” she answered speaking to him directly. Then she made the ‘psht’ sound again and said ‘over.’
 “Bitch,” he stated through the microphone. Psht. “Over.”

3)So as much as I hated to admit it, maybe Stacey was right. There was definitely something wrong with Will.

4) “I am going to say this one time and one time only. Try to remove me from this apartment and I am going to shove that ridiculous hat so far up your ass that it just might come out of your mouth.”

        Hugh Rowen could kiss away all of my problems.


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