Ruthless (Dark MC Romance) by Vanessa Waltz

Years ago, I stole money from the Dragons MC club and ran. Against all odds, I picked myself up. Became sober. Got married. 

But then he found me. 

Now I belong to Cain—a ruthless, loveless man who’s intent on making me his obedient slave. He’s done unspeakable things to my body, tortured me, and broken me down so that I’ll never betray him. And I wouldn't have... 

Until Spike came along. 

He’s rough around the edges, but warm. When he kisses me, I feel alive. I’ve never been in love, but Spike is all I've ever wanted. When I’m around him, all bets are off. I’m falling for him and I can’t hide it anymore. 

If Cain finds out, he’ll kill us both. 

                                                My opinion:
Julia was trying to change her life and be happy with her husband. She wasn't happy. Julia felt that someone was following her and she was afraid that it 
could be a biker from the MC she had stole money. They found her, killed her husband and took her to Cain, their VP. Cain was dangerous and crazy. He loved
to break people and then kill them. He recently started arguing with the Prez, Cain was a man who wanted all and the other man wanted the best for the club.
Cain made Julia his old lady and it wasn't because of his kind heart, he had something else planned. He didn't treat her good and hit her, made her bleed.
A young member of the club liked her and he was furious when he found out about what Cain did to her. Finally Cain did a stupid thing and landed his ass in
jail, his prez let him there for a while and now Spike had to take care of Julia. There were members of the club that wanted Cain out, he was mad about it
also he didn't trust Julia's faithfulness and thread to kill her. He got out sooner and another round of torture started. He was out of control put the
club and the members in danger. Julia was afraid that she'd lose the only man she loved.

It's a very dark story with a happy end. It has many disturbing scenes, it's definately not for everyone. Cain must be the worst and craiziest character

i've ever read about. I felt sorry for Julia she wanted to live a better life but couldn't have a chance. I loved Spike, he was the funny charming guy.

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