Safe in his arms (Devil's Riders #3) by Joanna Blake

Sometimes risking your heart is the most dangerous gamble of all... 

Long time Devil's Rider Donnie always has something funny to say. That doesn't mean he hasn't seen his share of heartbreak. With sparkling eyes and a ready wit, he oozes charm and could have his pick of the ladies. But he never sticks around for long. 

Sally might just be a waitress at Mae's diner, but she's got secrets. A talented country singer and songwriter, she had to abandon her career to escape her abusive ex. She's determined to stay out of the spotlight and as far away from Donnie as she can. She knows better than to trust a biker, even though his teasing smile sends shivers through her body. 

When her ex tracks her down, Sally has to decide who to trust... And who she can trust with her heart. 

                                             My opinion:
Donnie was attracted to the mousy waitress at Mae's, Sally. He found it weird since she wasn't his type at all, but he wanted to get to know her. Sally liked
him too but she knew that nothing could happen between them. She was afraid of the rough men because of her past. Everytime Donnie approached her she run away from him.He realised that something bad had happened to her and when he confided it a situation from his past, she talked to him about her ex. Donnie saw red.The girls, Kaylie and Janet convinced her to give Donnie a chance and she did. While she was at the club there was a misunderstanding and Sally run off again. But she didn't know who was expecting her at her house. Her worst nightmare had come true. Her gorgeous biker saved the day and now she would be safe in his arms forever.

Lovely, not as sexy as the previous two but it's very sweet. I loved how Donnie didn't back down and fought for Sally's love. Both their stories were touching, especially about Donnie's sister. I liked that part of this book was about Kaylie and Dev. The epilogue was perfect!!!

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