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Still Waters (Devil's Riders #2) by Joanna Blake

Sometimes, it's the thing you fear the most that saves you... 

Janet's a good girl from the right side of town with promising career as a ballerina, until it all comes crashing down with an injury. Now she's running wild, flunking out of school and dancing on table tops. When she gets back into town her best friend Kaylie brings her to the local MC Club House. There's one guy there that unnerves Janet with his solemn dark eyes. In fact, she's got the feeling that he sees right through her. 

Jack is a dangerous man with a dark past. He's been on his own since he was 14 years old and he has the scars to prove it. Nicknamed The Viking, he's bigger and meaner than almost anyone in the Club. He gives Devlin and the Spawn's his absolute loyalty but nothing else. He doesn't need anyone or anything and that's the way he likes it. Until he meets Janet. The feisty little red head gets under his skin, no matter how hard he tries to push her away. When Janet winds up in the clutches of an underground prostitution ring, Jack has to decide how far he's willing to go to save her. If he succeeds, he knows she could be the one who will save him from his demons. 

                                            My opinion:
Since Janet couldn't have her ballet career she was distracted, dropped out of college and dancing every night at night clubs. After six months she was
going to meet her good friend Kaylie again at the Spawns club. She was excited. Janet saw how much the bikers loved her friend and envy her for that. Devlin
introduced her to Jack and her heart did a flip flop. Even though Jack looked cold and scary she didn't feel fear for him, no it was something else.
Jack was thinking about her too, so when Dev told him to go to the mall with the girls he was more than happy to do it.He wanted her so much but Jack
wasn't a man who'd take a woman more than one time an he sure didn't do relationships. Janet's parents were so ashamed of her and what she'd done and
locked her up as a punishment. Unfortunately while she was looking for a job so she can get some money she fell in a prostitution scam. When Jack found
out about it he went there and took her away. He was her hero.

The Devil's Riders series is getting better!!! This one is so much more emotional since both the main characters have been through a lot of bad situations.
 Jack and Janet never had felt the family love but now they had each other for that. We get to see Dev and his girl Kaylie, they are so happy.

My favourite parts were when Jack made a joke and when he start humming.

You can buy it on Amazon:
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