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Wanted by the Devil ( Devil's Riders #1) by Joanna Blake

Kaylie is just out of high school when she notices someone following her. She's used to it though. Wherever she's gone for the past two years, she could hear it: the sound of a purring motorcycle behind her. It wasn't always the same guy, but she knew they were always there for him. 

Devlin McRae. 

He was the head of the local MC club and as dangerous as a rattlesnake. At least that's what people said. She'd waited on him at the diner she worked at over the years and he'd always been polite and tipped extremely well. He was gorgeous too, tall, built and blond with boyish good looks. She hadn't minded a bit when she'd felt his eyes following her around the restaurant. 

But being followed all the time like this was disconcerting. And lately, the bikes had been getting closer, less secretive, more obvious. What would she do if Devlin ever caught her? 

                                             My opinion:
Devlin, the president of the Spawns of the Satan Motorcycle club, was attracted by a young gilr Kaylie. He had set his eyes on her two years ago but he was 
waiting until she was in a legal age so he can make his move on her. Now she was 18 and had just gratuated from high school, the time has come. Kaylie was
an innocent girl she had never been kissed since two years ago every boy at her school started to avoid her, the same time that the bikes were following her.
She had a crush on a customer who was going at Mae's diner every time she had a shift, Devlin McRae. One night when her shift ended Devlin was waiting for her outside and offered her a ride. She was dumbfounded but she accepted the offer. Devlin had arranged more for her and like a "good boy" he even got her mom's permission. Devlin introduced her to the club and they celebrated her graduation together. Dani, Devlin's ex, was jealous and she was going to hurt
him. He wanted her first time to be unique, so he did everything he could to succeed it. On the way back he was arrested and for many days he was in prison. Kaylie was sad and worried.When he got out he sweared that whoever did this to him he'd pay. He was going to protect his girl and whoever hurt her he'd pay with his life.

It was such a romantic short story. It hasn't have much violence in it, only love and some very sexy scenes.
Devlin for a president of an mc he was way too good and old fashioned. Kaylie was a very sweet, kind and innocent girl.
Johnny's story was very touching. I loved it, i'm going to read the rest of the books of this series!!!

You can buy it on Amazon:
                             wanted by the Devil

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