Making the Cut (Selected Sinners MC #1) by Scott Hildreth

No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, no love triangles, and no club whores, HEA, no cliffhanger. 

Determined to remove herself from the rules and regulations of her overbearing religious parents, Avery escapes to college and is determined to make it on her own. Working as a bartender, and mere weeks before her college graduation, she finds herself face to face with thirty members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.  

She had no idea when the President of the club walked in she'd go weak in the knees for the gorgeous tattooed biker. 

Axton (aka Slice) is the President of the Selected Sinners MC. At the onset of a huge gun deal with a notorious prison gang, he has no time or desire to have a woman in his life.   Abused by his Hell's Angel father as a child, and wronged by every woman in his past, Axton has one devotion - the MC. 

After finding out he needs Avery's Criminal Justice education and her linguistic skills to assist in making the gun deal a success, Axton reluctantly approaches her to act as his interpreter. 

Hoping to win Axton over, Avery attempts to turn off her smart mouth, turn on her charm, and become his woman of interest; even if it means sacrificing a level of independence she's grown accustomed to. 

But when the gun deal goes to hell in an hand basket, both Avery and Axton are left wondering what their next move may be. 

                                                                              My opinion:
Axton is the president of the Selected Sinners MC. He is an intimidating strong man with confidence who hated women. He and his brothers didn't only do illegal jobs they were also protecting their little town. These days they had to do a transaction with a Mexican gang. While they were trying to find the guns for those guys they were dealing with other MC problems, one night they went to a bar to relax, that's when he met Avery. She was a firecracker, strong-willed woman, she wasn't afraid to talk back and didn't stop until she got what she wanted. Avery was dreaming to find a real bad boy, that night she found him. Since Axton hated women he made sure she understood that and also that it would be very difficult to convince him to take her in the back of his bike. Avery wasn't one to back down so she accepted the challenge. He was warming up to her, he liked and trusted her, that's why he asked for her help. Avery was more than willing to do what he asked her. In the end, he realised that  women aren't the only ones that can screw you over.

Quite an interesting MC story. There's the illegal part, a betrayal, jealousy between two best friends because of a man and the love/lust part. Two main characters and a few others that are mentioned and some of them analyzed throughout the story. In general, I liked it, it has everything you expect from an MC book but I was very surprised with Avery's character. At first, you see how strong she is, then after meeting him she seems to change she does everything he asks without thinking it. Then in the last few chapters, i realised that this change was out of respect for him and that the firecracker was there all along.

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                                        Making the cut

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