Fuck Buddy by Scott Hildreth

Luke and I had been best friends since kindergarten. He was the type of man women dreamed of - kind, caring, handsome and very protective of those he loved. After countless failed relationships, I grew tired of being single and made my proposition to him. Friends with benefits.

It wasn't easy, but I convinced him to give the new 'relationship' a try.

He had two stipulations. One - we had to remain friends no matter what. And, two - sexually speaking, we had to play by his 'rules'...

I knew Luke was unlike any other man, but being in a relationship with him opened my eyes and made me realize many things about myself. My name is Liv. This is the story of how I fell in love for the first time in my life and the man who caught me when I did. 

                                                      My opinion:
Liv and Luke were best friends since they were little kids. For many years, they kept their crush on each other a secret. One day when Liv had enough of bad dates and craved sex she made a very interesting offer to Luke, to be fuck buddies. He was reluctant at first because if she couldn't keep up with the weird sex he knew that he would lose her as a friend as well. They talked about it and both agreed to the terms. Her first experience with him was very different but she couldn't wait to see what would happen next. It became weird pretty quick just as he had said to her and she loved it every minute of it. Then after a big accident and a revelation from Luke, everything changed for the worst. Liv was ready to throw all of it away until her friend reasoned her and showed her how to move past this. Luke and Liv had their kinky happily ever after.

To me, this book is mostly about kinky sex and a friendship that became a romantic relationship. It's not a shallow porn novel, it has a few deep interesting moments, you can see the characters growing and changing through this relationship. I liked how the main characters could affect each other in such a positive way.

It has references to BDSM and molestation. No cheating, honesty, many kinds of love and fun.

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                                    Fuck Buddy

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