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Boss Me Forever (Boss Me, Book Three) (An Alpha Male Romance) by Eva Grayson

What if someone knew your deepest, darkest fantasies? 

Admit it. 

You’ve done it, too. 

Kept a diary. 

Written down your dirtiest, most private thoughts and fantasies.

Told the whole truth about someone you wanted more than anything in the world, and even planned out how it might be if they wanted you back. 

The only difference is, my secret crush is my boss. My dark, smoldering, dominating, totally off-limits boss. And now he’s found my diary. The secret book where I’ve written every nasty, sordid thought I’ve ever had about him. 

But instead of firing me, he’s doing something worse. 

He’s making me act them out. 

Every last indecent, naughty sexual fantasy I’ve ever had. And it turns out that being bad never felt so good.

                                                        My opinion:
Since her love declaration, Emme was avoiding Dane. Her feelings surprised her as well and she knew that Dane didn't feel the same. Dane didn't know how to act around her and he felt horrible about the way he handled it. At their business trip he couldn't control himself anymore, he missed her so much. They spent an amazing night together but for one more time  he fucked things up by not acting the right way. Then one day it hit him that he loved Emme for a long time and he hoped that it wasn't too late to fix things.

A nice ending for this series. Both main characters have changed their lives for good. Emme became more social, her brother got the help he needed and she finally had the man of her dreams. Dane got over his past and he was happy again.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                       Boss Me Forever

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