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Boss Me Hard (Boss Me, Book Two) (An Alpha Male Romance) by Eva Grayson

What if someone knew your deepest, darkest fantasies? 

Admit it.

You’ve done it, too.

Kept a diary.

Written down your dirtiest, most private thoughts and fantasies.

Told the whole truth about someone you wanted more than anything in the world, and even planned out how it might be if they wanted you back.

The only difference is, my secret crush is my boss. My dark, smoldering, dominating, totally off-limits boss. And now he’s found my diary. The secret book where I’ve written every nasty, sordid thought I’ve ever had about him.

But instead of firing me, he’s doing something worse.

He’s making me act them out.

Every last indecent, naughty sexual fantasy I’ve ever had. And it turns out that being bad never felt so good.

                                                         My opinion:
Emme's dreams are coming true, she just hopes she can handle the reality. Their first encounter was so much better that  she ever imagined, none of them could stop thinking about it for days. Their family issues and work created a barrier between them until they found a way to make it work. They feed their lust with secret erotic exploits that keep them on their toes and then something unexpected happened... 

There are more erotic scenes, a lil bit of heartache and crossing lines. Their lives are changing fast for the best and they finally dealing with their family problems that kept them chained to the past.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                      Boss Me Hard

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