Boss Me Good (Boss Me, Book One) (An Alpha Male Romance) by Eva Grayson

What if someone knew your deepest, darkest fantasies? 

Admit it. 

You’ve done it, too. 

Kept a diary. 

Written down your dirtiest, most private thoughts and fantasies.

Told the whole truth about someone you wanted more than anything in the world, and even planned out how it might be if they wanted you back. 

The only difference is, my secret crush is my boss. My dark, smoldering, dominating, totally off-limits boss. And now he’s found my diary. The secret book where I’ve written every nasty, sordid thought I’ve ever had about him. 

But instead of firing me, he’s doing something worse. 

He’s making me act them out. 

Every last indecent, naughty sexual fantasy I’ve ever had. And it turns out that being bad never felt so good. 

                                                         My opinion:
Emme had a crush on her boss, Dane Rossi. The only thing she could do about it was to write everything she had in mind in her personal journal. One day she accidentally left it at work and prayed that Dane or anyone else wouldn't find it. She wasn't that lucky, though. Dane found it, read it and he had to decide what to do about it. Act like nothing happened or tell her about it? Dane couldn't pretend that everything was ok, he had to explore this newfound need he had for Emme. So he decided to push her boundaries...

A short and simple erotic story. It is based on one of the most popular erotic fantasies, the boss, and secretary. It has a few explicit scenes and a few emotional. It gives us information about their private life and their past. In general, it is quite interesting and leaves us with a good cliffhanger.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                         Boss Me Good

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