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My Dutch Billionaire 3 (My Dutch Billionaire #3) by Marian Tee

   His name is Willem de Konigh. The 33-year-old Dutch billionaire who was her first crush, her first lover, and her first heartbreak. 
Her name is Serenity Raleigh. The 19-year-old childhood friend whose innocence he had stolen, and whose heart he had shattered…only to realize that hurting her meant hurting himself more. 
Willem is determined to do everything to earn Serenity’s forgiveness and make her love him again. 
But what if it’s too late? 
What if Serenity has found someone else? 

                                                             My opinion:

Six months later...

Serenity couldn't live in the same town Willem lived, she needed to leave so she decided to go to Greece. Her evil stepmother and stepsister didn't take it well but Serenity had made up her mind. Willem after that horrible night he was working a lot more than he used to, which in his mind meant he was moving on. One day when one of his friends confronted him, only then he realised that he indeed loved Serenity all these years. For one more time he went to her but this time, she wasn't so gullible, she didn't trust him anymore. Serenity even chose to take revenge for all the heartache he caused her. Willem took his lesson but that didn't stop him from trying to earn her love again. His efforts were rewarded in the end.

This was the most painful story to read, from the three books. There was so much pain from both parts and a few tiny moments of happiness. I have to say that the end was worth it, though. Willem's revenge to Shane was so funny, that bitch had to pay.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                        My Dutch Billionaire 3

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