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Σάββατο, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

The Panty Whisperer by Sloane Howell

Have you ever been pushed to the edge, and then over it? Have you ever had your toes cramp and your head shoot to the sky, trying to log every touch, every feeling in your memory, to reenact every situation later in the shower, or underneath your cool bed sheets? Have you ever had someone own your mind, penetrating every single one of your sexual fantasies, unable to shake free of them? 

The thought of me will be a thirst you can't quench, an itch you just can't scratch, a drug that you cannot have. Every time your run your fingers down over your body, longing for that unattainable feeling I gave you, that warm sensation shooting into your toes, that complete surrender of all inhibition, aching for me to have you just one more time, I'll be there, inside your mind... 

My name is Joel Hannover and I am the panty whisperer. Some men are good at business, some gifted at mathematics--I'm good at making women come, hard. It's a gift I've possessed my entire life. If there was a girl nobody could bed, I was the first to get there. I always get there. I work as an accounting software consultant. That's a fancy way of saying I'm a salesman. Accounting departments are full of women, dressed conservatively, presumed to live boring, mundane lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. These women are unique, sexual creatures, yearning for someone to take them to their breaking point and beyond. 

Jessica Moore is one such woman, mid-thirties, bad marriage, basically raising the kids are on her own. She is sexy as hell, she just doesn't know what she's capable of. Will I give her everything she longs for? You'll just have to read to find out... 

                                              My opinion:
The panty whisperer aka Joel Hannover is a man with a special talent. He's capable of making women come, he could make any woman do anything he wanted. In this story Joel wanted Jessica Moore. She is a senior fixed asset analyst at a company and a mom of two kids who stays in an unhappy marriage.  For a whole week he's working on making her feel comfortable with him by paying attention to the little details. And on the last day he uses all the information he gathered so he can make her hot and needy for him. When the time he was waiting comes, Jessica surprises him pleasantly.

This is a very short and erotic story. It has a short prologue and it's detailed in the parts that need to be. Unlike most books, on this what you read in the description is what you get, there isn't a secret meaning.

My favourite lines:
1)My first name is Herbert. I hate that name. It’s like my parents were trying to cock block me from conception.

2)No, I want to make this woman come harder than she ever has in her life, if she ever has at all. 

3)Each orgasm is like a symphony, in a different location, with different instruments. 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                           the panty whisperer

Παρασκευή, 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

Monster Stepbrother by Harlow Grace

His dark obsession runs deep. 
He’s obsessed with her. 
She’s addicted to him. 
Two damaged souls. 
Will they heal or ruin one another? 

How does a girl go from being Daddy’s precious doll to feeling like a filthy whore? 
Easy really. When my father remarried it changed the course of my life and everything became . . . complicated. 
My new stepbrother is a monster who hates me. Unapologetic, controlling, and brazen, he’s intent on making my life a living hell. He blackmails me into doing things I never thought I’d do. Illicit things. 
Oliver King makes the rules. He fucks me whenever he wants. How he wants. Where he wants. 
My head screams this is wrong, but I can't resist giving in to forbidden desires. 
I’m his possession, his toy, his ultimate pleasure. 
He’s never letting me go. I’m his dark obsession. 
My dirty addiction to my stepbrother grows to a dangerous level. Am I sick to crave more from the man who has made me his slut? Or should I escape and run as far away as possible? 

My name is Maya Childs, and this is my story. 

                                             My opinion:
Oliver's mother remarried and moved from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, that pissed him off since he had bad memories of that place. He also didn't want to spend time with his new step father and step sister. Oliver had lots of issues. A few years later he went to visit his mom again, what he saw when he got there was the kid who now had grown to a beautiful smart mouthed young woman. The sight of her affected him even if he didn't want that to happen. Little Maya, who now was a sixteen year old brat, started tempting her stepbrother in ways that could get her in trouble with him. Oliver was excited with the little show and angry he couldn't enjoy it properly but he would get his revenge soon. Maya wanted Oliver like she had never wanted another man, but she didn't know what to do about that. After her last attemption to make him jealous, Oliver had the perfect opportunity to take his sweet revenge. His revenge turned into an obsession over the years. The whole situation was messing her up, it made her hurt herself, and once more that worked for his favour. That's when she had to make a deal with the devil, she'd be his slut so he would keep his mouth shut. His plan was to break her and he was doing a good job. This crazy game just proved how much they loved each other and how it would never work out between them,  Oliver left her so she can continue with her life. Three years later Larissa couldn't stand to watch them suffer and decided to help them. Maya went to him, but her plan didn't go as she wanted.

A very good taboo story. The perfect balance between a romantic and a dark story. A stepbrother falls in love with his stepsister, they are two broken pieces who trying to become whole. From young age they started developing feelings for each other but they didn't know how to express them. The fact that this relationship was a taboo was making it more difficult for them. At first they tortured each other and then came the hapiness. I loved how much of an alpha male was Oliver, it makes you hot for him, and then you see the soft tortured side and your heart melts. Maya was so fragile from the beginning till the almost end of the book, she was also the one who tried to make this relationship to happen. The story was dark at some points, mostly because of the main male character who behaved like a depraved monster. The end was very romantic.

My favourite lines:
1)I was wrong after all. I had died and gone to hell. And my stepbrother was the devil himself, showing me the way to burn for eternity.

2)Yeah, I am. I’m such a fucking great brother that I obsess about my little sister all the time, wondering what it will be like to fuck her and make her scream.

3)I was a monster. Dark. Depraved.

4)Yes, I was my stepbrother’s slut. And that’s exactly the way I wanted it to be.
  For now

5)“You’ve tamed the monster, little bee. All I want is you. Nothing else.”

You can buy it on amazon:
                             Monster Stepbrother

Κυριακή, 8 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

No More Masquerade (Secret of Stone #2) by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue

Behind every good man…is the love of an even better woman. 
Those were just pretty words before I met Claire Montgomery. Before my fairy queen burst into my life, I didn’t recognize the bastard in my morning mirror—but her love has given me the strength to face the impostor, even embrace him. My tower in the clouds is no longer a sentence of isolation; it’s a jumping point to the stars. With Claire at my side, I’m the king I always wanted to be, the Killian Stone I always dreamed of becoming. 

Which means for once, I want the mask guarding my secret to stay right where it is. 

If you want the grown-up fairy tale…learn to love the dark side. 
Profound sentiment. Wish I could get on board with it but the prince in pinstripes has other ideas. Life has been a dream since Killian burst into the ball offering the perfect fit—his heart and mine, not the shoes, the car or the jewelry—but the treasures have become his armor, hiding the man I yearn to know. I refuse to open his little velvet box until he opens himself, letting me see even the dark hallways of his soul… 

Until he lifts all his masks for me. 

Master of the masquerade… 
Fate has always bowed to my bidding. I should have known it was just picking its time to exact the best revenge, to reveal the secrets that will destroy everything. Without my disguise, am I still the man Claire fell in love with…or another penniless prince vying for an unattainable dream? 

Mistress of his ruin? 
He always told me to be careful what I wish for. By demanding his truth, have I not only demolished the dream we had…but the man I’ve loved more than any other?

                                           My opinion:
Claire is now known as  Killian's girlfriend and all the paparazzi are after her. They might not live together yet but they are happy. After a while they both
realise how much they miss each other and one weekend isn't enough to be together, that's when Kil lets the inner caveman out and tells her how things are going to be from now on. His surprise trip was the best gift for both of them, they get to spend many days alone. Claire was the happiest woman on earth but the  fact that she didn't know Kil's secret was starting to bother her more and more. Killian was trying to avoid revealing his secret but the result was not one to be proud of, he made things much worst between him and his fairy. His "beloved" brother Trey added one more problem to him by acting stupid again. A terrible accident changed Killian's life and made him tell everything to Claire. Another surprise was in  line for the Stone family. Trey's jealousy ruined everything, he let the world know the family's biggest secret. Everyone treated Killian as a parasite which made him question himself and take some bad decisions. He disappeard leaving behind Claire, who was a mess. Many months later,Margaux was the one who shook him up and showed him that what he was doing was stupid. In the end he and Claire were together and happy but Kil was now a different man, more happy, fun and carefree.

This book has an intense and amazing storyline, it's like a rollercoaster. It has lots of drama and hot erotic scenes. It's a bit different from the first book
since this one is all about what's hidden behind the mask and how the main characters surviving after the chaos. Many secrets have been revealed that changed many lives. In this book the roles have changed, now Claire is the one that's do the chasing and Killian is the one who's running. The last one has changed alot, he had his ups and downs but in the end he became a better person. I liked the fact that Claire never gave up on him and after everything he had done to her she was still supporting and loving him. The evil  character is now Trey and Margaux is the good one {i did not see that coming}.

My favourite lines:
1)Why the hell was I goading him? You know damn well why. He soaks your panties when he’s in prowling panther mode, that’s why.

2)“You look like a fairy princess, baby…but you’re begging for sin like a naughty little sex demon.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                               No More Masquerade

Δευτέρα, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

No Prince Charming ( Secrets of Stone #1) by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who dressed up and went to a big party at the palace. When she was there, she met a prince. They danced and fell in love…” 

Damn good line. Too bad I don’t believe a word of it anymore. 

My name is Claire Montgomery...and I’m not a princess. I’m a fighter. I worked hard to earn my place on the emergency image repair team for one of the biggest public relations companies in the country. We’ve been called to the renowned Chicago headquarters of Stone Global Corporation, where it’s our job to clean up a heap of the Stone family’s filthiest laundry. Our success will be the biggest victory of my career. I’m on my game. I’m ready. 

Why doesn’t “ready” include a contingency plan for Killian Stone? 

My name is Killian Stone...and they call me the “Enigma of Magnificent Mile." That’s just the way I like it. Elite tycoons want into my bank account. Their wives and daughters want into my pants. They’ll all do anything for a piece of the enigma—until a crack in the castle is too huge for anyone to ignore. What they all don’t know is that I’m thrilled about the fissure. Their fascination with the scandal means nobody will look at the bigger secret of the Stone family. I’m safe. 

Until Claire Montgomery walks through my doors. 

Her honesty, her bravery, her humor…they pull me in, a prism against the gray walls of my tower. I’m captivated. For the very first time, I long to shed the enigma. To share my secret. But what the hell will that get me? Even if she fits the slipper I offer…I’m no Prince Charming.

                                                 My opinion:
Killian Stone, a bossy and a very attractive billionaire with secrets that eat him alive. Claire Montgomery, a sweet girl and a fighter with secrets she tries to 

keep hidden.

The Stone family has a big problem. One of the brothers did something very stupid, the whole world found out and now they had to ask for the best PR to help them get out of this situation. Andrea Asher and her team was the best for the job. Claire was working in the firm for a while and she was in the savior team. Everything were great until she met Killian Stone, from a professional she became a schoolgirl, stammering  every time he talked to her. Killian was at a loss for words too when they happened to be alone for a while. The next morning Claire regretted everything that happened the night before but she couldn't take it back. The Stone problem was getting bigger, the senator was out for blood and that made their job more difficult. At the end of the meeting, Killian showed how much he wanted her but Claire pushed him away, she couldn't have anything with him and she knew it. He didn't stay away from her, he just couldn't do it. She was falling hard and fast for him. They crossed the line over and over again, Claire tried to stop it by becoming distant but that made Killian more persistant. They both had feelings for each other and only one of them was brave enough to do the chasing. They gave in to the temptation, they had so much fun, but now that the storm with the scandal  passed, Claire had to go back and Killian was not happy with this. What happened next was a nightmare, she ran away from him without giving him any chance to explain. With the help of his brother he realised that he couldn't lose the best thing that ever happened to him.

I loved this book. Both main characters are amazing and different. It's fun to see Killian and Claire interacting together, either fighting or having fun.  Killian has been hurt by people who were close to him and from a young age he tried to fit in the new family and prove himself. Claire was betrayed and used by her ex boyfriend, that made her very cautious. Margaux is the most manipulating and vicious character i have ever read about, she's ruthless.
The book is well written and very detailed. It has a capturing storyline. Even if you know the ending,the story will still keep you on your toes.

My favourite lines:
1)I raised my hand and slid it against his, thinking if the earth ever had a desire to open up and swallow me whole, now would be a perfect time.

2)“I want you. I’ve fantasized about having you. I’ve touched myself with the force of it. Is that what you want to hear? I’ve wrapped my fingers 
around my cock and pretended to be inside you, instead. And when I came, it was your name on my lips.”

3) “Slide a finger into your cunt, sweet girl.”

4)“Careful, Chicago.” I couldn’t help a huge grin as I evoked our old nicknames.
  “What’s that, San Diego?”
  “Your inner Prince Charming is showing.”

5)Oh—ohhh, God! That’s…that’s…”

  “A pussy I’ve missed very much.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                            No Prince Charming