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Σάββατο, 29 Αυγούστου 2015

Duke ( Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #1) by Candace Blevins


Duke’s friend’s little sister had been off limits when they were growing up, but Gen is all woman now, with the sexiest curves ever. However, bringing her into his life now, as the new Rolling Thunder chapter establishes itself as a powerhouse in Chattanooga, would put her in danger.

Gen has no idea she already knows one of the bikers until she arrives to show them some downtown properties they’re looking to buy.

They live in different worlds, and despite being a successful businesswoman, Gen has led a sheltered life. She wears couture, while Duke wears Levi jeans and his MC colors on a black leather vest. Not to mention, he's a werewolf and she's a blissfully unaware human. Can two people, so different, possibly work? 

                                                              My opinion:
The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club wanted to locate in Chattanooga. Gen had walked in her boyfriend with another chick on her bed, she immediately went to her big brother for emotional support and a place to sleep. The next morning was better for her, she met with a few guys from the MC to show them some properties, one of them was her brother's old friend. She had a major crush on Keith aka Duke. He made it clear that at some point he wanted a date with her. By accident she went to one of his properties to have fun, that worked as a sign for him that it was time for them to be together. They were oficial a couple now, they were doing good for most of the time but they had their problems too. Gen had doubts about their relationship because she knew Duke wasn't showing her who he really was. Gen had many questions and he was able to answer some of them. Later that day they found out that someone was causing problems. Gen was having a hard time trying to accept Duke's bossy ways. Her ex boyfriend was harassing her and at some point he became very dangerous, but thankfully she knew people who could protect and help her. Gen without wanting it, hurt badly Duke and his wolf, after a while they managed to get over it. After everything that happened they realised that whatever was happening between them was serious, that's why they decided to make it official.

This story combines a nice biker story with werewolf shifters. There is the main Alpha male character and a strong willed female. Duke was a bossy man, he was used on people doing what he said, but that didn't happen with Gen often. She was a successful businesswoman who grew up to be strong and independent. It was hard for them to work out as a couple since they belonged in very different worlds and they knew it. But their love was strong enough to keep them together and not to let them care about the silly stereotypes.

My favourite line:

“So, werewolves drive motorcycles because it’s too hard to hang your head out the window of a car while you’re driving?”

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Kratos ( Take Over #3) by T.L. Smith

You think you know me…. You think you know whom I am…so lets get a few things straight…. I didn’t get involved in relationships. Relationships are for the weak, plus it’s leverage for your enemy’s and I have plenty.

But that’s all changed. When a strong willed woman, with the mouth of a sailor walked into my life, wearing tiny shorts, which displayed her beautiful long legs and round ass. I thought I could play with her and maybe get my fix. But when she spoke I knew that wasn’t going to happen. She is full of life and one scary ass little woman. I knew right away I had to have her and would do anything to keep her.

She owns my soul; she owns my demons, every part of me is owned by her.

                                                             My opinion:
The book begins describing Stefano's life after he became 18 years old. How he ended up working with Kontos and how he met the love of his life Krinos. Present day: Stefanos came home to find out that Eliza has been kidnaped again. He started looking for her right away. They found her soon but not in the same shape as the first time she was kidnaped. Things are getting finally well for them. Everyone is fussing about her pregnancy although from time to time she throws a tantrum since it's causing her a few problems. The birth of their child was the best thing that ever happened to them, they were a happy family.

The last book of the Take Over series. The first one with a happy ending and with the least violent scenes. Eliza from the beginning till the end was a ruthless bitch who loved her family to death. She had only made a few changes for the two men who came later in her life and loved them very much. Stefanos was very overprotective with her from the time he met her and knew she was his, of course after she got pregnant he got worse. They might not be a normal couple but their love was very real and deep.

My favourite lines:

 1)You see, my mouth alone would make you scream, and I promise you would never think of another man for the rest of your life. I’m, just that good.

2)This story is for all you gorgeous women out there. May you all meet your own, fucked up knight in shining armor, one day.

3)I feel like I should run and hide, because she’s ready to chop off my balls, and no way in hell is that happening. 

4)“No more kids you prick! I would fucking kill you right now, if I wasn’t so busy pushing a watermelon out of my cunt.”

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Kalon ( Take Over #2) by T.L. Smith

He wants me dead because I’m a threat to him. He tried to murder my Father. Little did he know that you don’t mess with my family?

I will get my revenge. Then I’ll take down anyone else who stands in my way and I will make them pay.

I’m not your average woman. I deal with thugs and murders. I’ve been broken and tortured. But don’t mistake this for weakness. I am far from weak. I should be feared and definitely not be messed with.

I have a Greek God by my side. His name is Stefanos and he worships the ground I walk on, and I adore him. He gives me the strength I need for the path I’ve chosen.

People in my business know me as Krinos, and I am not to be trifled with.

                                                           My opinion:
Now that her father is in the hospital, she runs the Empire. One night she had to meet with the Tomb Motorcycle Club, one of the guys who came was her past lover who used to call her Kalon. Stefanos is coming back from business, Eliza now hopes that the guy from her past won't stir up any problems with her boyfriend. No such luck, with the first chance Hunter had he stirred things up and he ended up with a fist on his face. Stefanos was outraged when he found out about him and the name. Noone could touch his princess. A few days later, she met the sister she never knew she had. Eliza is preparing to get her revenge soon and her dad is finally home. She takes her revenge but the happily ever after hasn't come yet to her, only more troubles.

The second book of the Take Over series. Interesting as the first one. This time Eliza is the boss, she still has a few problems with those who don't take women serious but then end up paying for it. The story is focused on her revenge towards Alberto. Along with that we can see Eliza's and Stefano's progress on their relationship.

My favourite lines:

1)“Obviously, my revenge will work out just fine, Roberto. I’ve been through hell and back and I’m still here, bitch and all.”
2) I will not stab her. I will not stab her. I will not shoot her. Oh, fuck it, I’ll stab the bitch. 

3)“If you take a step closer, I will punch the living shit out of you.”

You can buy it on Amazon:

Krinos ( Take Over #1) by T.L. Smith

My life was simple. Follow instructions, learn the family business and 
be prepared to take over when the time has come. My name is Eliza, 
although people in the business know me as Krinos. One thing you 
should know about me is that my father is a drug lord, the boss in 
these parts.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes to step up to the challenge and 
run the family business, to make my father proud, a business filled 
with drugs, sex and death. What I’m not prepared for though is him, 
the Greek god who walks into my life and threatens to rock my world.

Now, my life has just got complicated. But don’t misunderstand, 
complicated is not a weakness. My father was not a man to cross, so 
expect nothing less from me. I am my father’s daughter, and I will be 
the boss.

                                                              My opinion:
Eliza's father was running a drug dealing organization, she was working there too. This was a family business, it went from father to son, in this case to her since she was an only child. She was going to meet her dad's right hand man, Stefanos. He looked like a Greek God and he was a bit cocky too, deadly combination. Soon they found themselves having hot steamy sex, that they both enjoyed it very much. But Eliza was a no string attached girl, that's why she fled early in the morning. In the next few days someone tried to kill her so they upped the security. They found out who did it and why, but they still fell in his trap and now Eliza was held as a prisoner by him. Two days later she was found by a cop, she healed fast and came back home. Stefanos was making it clear to her and her father that she was only his, but Eliza wasn't taking this whole owning thing very well. One of her father's business partners order his death, he merely succeeded since now Kontos was in a coma but Krinos was after him. No one messed with her or her family.

An interesting short story about a girl who was going to be the boss of a drug dealing organization. Along the way she earned a powerful/dangerous lover and some enemies. Eliza aka Krinos was a beautiful girl who was strong and deadly. Not a person you'd like to mess with. Stefanos was handsome, he was in the business longer than her that's why he had already earned respect from certain people. Both of them had a big reputation (and not in a good way). Seeing them react with each other was sometimes fun and others very hot. I liked it because it's not the usual romantic story but it has suspense in it too.

My favourite lines:

1)“I know it’s hard, sweetheart, but try to keep your mouth shut,” he whispers near my ear; now, that pisses me off. 
  I fling his hand away, stand up tall in front of him and place a hand on my hip. “Try to take that cock out of your ass next time, mate, before you open your mouth to a lady.” 

2)“Princess, I don’t wear knickers, so there can only be one thing down there getting in a knot. Feel free to untangle it anytime,” he says, leaning casually close to my face.

3) he is one fine-ass motherfucker.

4)“You fucking my daughter, Stefanos?” he asks him, sounding not very happy. I look to Stefanos with a smile on my face to see what he will say.
  “Yes, Boss, and she is mine.” 

  “Hold your horses, bastard, I told you I’m not. Get that fucking thought out of your head before I smack it out of you,”

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Coming Full Circle ( Friends and Lovers #2) by Liz Andrews

They’ve waited ten years. Will they finally gain everything they ever desired…and more?

There’s only one bright spot Jasmine Hayes can see when she’s suckered into helping plan her high school reunion. At least she’ll be able to reconnect with old friends Chase Randolph and Alex Landry. There’s nothing she regrets more than losing touch with those two handsome guys.

Chase and Alex hadn’t planned to attend the reunion, but the chance to see Jasmine again has Chase intrigued. Alex is his best friend and love of his life, but Jasmine will always be the girl who got away.

One instant message is all it takes to center Alex’s thoughts on a lusty reunion with Jasmine. He’s extremely happy with Chase, but she’s always been the girl of his dreams. He can’t help but wonder if the chemistry the three of them had in high school is still there.

Renewing old ties, however, puts triple the strain on some old ones. The choice they face is which ones to risk severing—and which ones are worth keeping.

                                                                 My opinion:
Chase and Alex seven years later are still in a relationship, living together in their own house now. After ten years an old friend contacted them. The three of them used to be very close. They've been talking with her for the last few days, they can't get her out of their minds and neither can she. The thing is that she had a crash on them since high school and now she wanted more. Chase and Alex invited her for a weekend to their house which she accepted immediately. The first night Chase caught her staring at them while they were having sex, the next day he and Alex talked to her about joining them. Her answer was what they wanted to hear. They had a fun weekend, agreed to do it again but Chase was worried about it. They had feelings for her but they didn't know what she wanted from them. All three of them talked about it and decided to see if they could  all live happily together and be in a committed relationship.

A hot short story about three good friends that ended up being in a relationship. There are many hot scenes as the previous book had but in this one we see how Alex's parents are treating him because of his lovers choice.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                          coming full circle

Best Of Both Worlds ( Friends and Lovers #1) by Liz Andrews

Sometimes you just have to come right out and ask the question.
After months of exploring his bisexuality on his own, college student Chase Randolph is ready for a night out on the town—all the way “out”. He never expected Alex Landry to witness his first experimental sexual encounter, though. Chase has been attracted to his best friend and roommate forever, but one thing is sure: Alex is straight. So straight, he’s never caught on to Chase’s mixed tastes.
Alex assures Chase they will always be friends, but privately, his own reaction shocks him. An ex-jock isn’t supposed to fantasize about his roommate. Not supposed to need another man’s kiss so badly it makes him sweat. He was prepared to change direction after his football career ended before it began, but change this drastically?
As Chase and Alex struggle to come to terms with the changes in their relationship, jealousy pushes friendship to the brink—of disaster…or love.

                                                              My opinion:
Chase was attracted to both sexes and he's been in love with his roommate and best friend Alex. Since nothing could happen between them he decided for the first time in his life to go in a gay bar. He was so nervous. But the moment he went in two gorgeous guys approached him. He ended up going home with one of them. After a while Alex came and caught them in action. They had a talk, Alex reassured him that nothing would change, but as the days passed Chase felt that there was a barrier between them. A few days later after the party they attended, they finally gave in and both took what they wanted from each other. Alex was freaking out since the whole thing was knew to him. He went to see his family and  had a talk with his little sister that opened his eyes. After that he and Chase decided to try and see where this could go.

It's a short story about two best friends who realise that they want each other and decide to explore things further. The story is based on a few hot intimate scenes and a few counseling scenes. If you want something hot and quick to read then this is your book.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                       Best of both worlds

Never Let Go by Scarlett Edwards

The first day of college gives every girl a chance to reinvent herself.

I go and screw mine up by meeting the most gorgeous guy I've seen in five years while talking to my cat.

But Andrew Crowner is far from judgmental. By the end of our interaction, he has me smitten by his easy manner and kind smile. And from the way his eyes linger on me before he leaves, I start to think that maybe I’ve caught his attention, too.

I let myself believe that luck may finally be on my side. That is, until I stumble on my roommate, and her overnight guest: Spencer Ashford.

Lean, tattooed, and sexy as sin, Spencer is exactly the type I need to avoid. I would have no trouble with that... were it not for his swift and inexplicable interest in me.

Suddenly, I go from a girl with next-to-no experience with boys to one caught in the crosshairs of two completely different men.

Andrew's interest is wholesome and sweet. Spencer's is edgy and raw. My choice should be easy. But there are always complications, and sometimes, matters of the heart take the least expected turns.

                                                                     My opinion:
Paige was going to college, on the first day there she met a handsome sweet guy, Andrew. He helped her move in to her dorm. Later while she was exploring she met one of her roommates,Kate, and a sexy but cocky guy Spencer,with an unorthodox way. The next day she and Andrew had a day full of fun and shared their first kiss. Unfortunately they couldn't be together due to college rules, she was devastated. Only a few days in college and from zero boyfriends she had two men running after her. Andrew can't be with her for now but Spencer can and he's trying really hard for that. Paige has only agreed to be friends with spencer, she still doesn't trust him. With her friend's advice she started living her life and gave a chance to Spencer. Paige had noticed that he and Andrew were arguing alot but she didn't know why until Andrew told her. Paige didn't have to choose between the two men, her heart had already made the choice for her.

It was a nice romantic story about college kids. The storyline is pretty simple but the characters are abit complicated. All of them have a tortured past and they hide it very well until the end of the book. The story is focused on Paige's relationship with  the two guys which means we don't get to see them doing anything else with other people or going to classes. I didn't like the ending it was too abrupt and it's still not clear if we get a second book. The only things that kept me reading the book was to find out what each character was kept hidden and who she was going to choose in the end.

You can buy it on amazon:
                                 Never Let Go

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Tracker's End ( Wind Dragons MC #3) by Chantal Fernando

The third in a sexy romance series from the bestselling author of Saxonand Toxic Girl about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.

Tracker is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I see him. I’ve watched time change him.

I’ve been patient, but he still hasn’t noticed me. Not the way I want him to. The more time I spend with the MC, the more I understand.

When you want something, you have to take it. You have to fight for it.

And Tracker is more than worth fighting for…

                                                                  My opinion:
Lana knew Anna and her brother Adam aka Rake since they were children. Now Anna was back in town and since her brother belonged in an MC she got to be around bikers alot. That's how she met Tracker. For a year he tried to stay away from Lana, he knew he wasn't good for her. But now he's going to chase her, she is his end. Tracker slowly approaches her, tries to spend time with her so he gets to know her more. She tried to hold back, be only his friend but with Tracker's determination and their chemistry wasn't so easy. Someone attacked Lana, all the people from the club were around her, taking care of her since she was family to them now. She is officially out of danger and more close to Tracker. They are doing good although they still trying to make their relationship  work with less arguments. Until one day he read one of her future books and he lost his shit, even thrown her out of the clubhouse. Weeks have passed he ignored her calls, denied to even see her, so she decided it was time to move on. Tracker is hurting by what happened as much as Lana, he tries to get her back but she isn't sure if she can just forget what happened. In the end she was happy that she was able to overcome her trust issues.

Amazing biker story. It has everything you need, love, arguments, hot sex, scary ass biker and a smart mouthed sassy woman. There isn't a war between MCs but there is a crazy ex and a traitor inside their MC. You know the saying: it's the quiet one you should watch out for, well this book proves it. Quiet people might surprise you. A few things about the two main characters: Tracker is a hot guy friendly guy to those who likes and a scary dude to those he doesn't like. He knew what he wanted and tried to take it without being afraid. Lana was a shy and quiet person but she was also a very strong woman with a dirty secret.

My favourite lines:

1)“Don’t care what many people think, and the ones who I do care about, take me as I am.”

2)When they say it’s the quiet ones you should look out for, I think they’re referring to me.

3)“Let’s do it. Looks like I’m going to a kid’s birthday party with the MC princess and a badass biker,” I say, then pause. “Never thought I’d ever have to say that sentence.”

4)“I know that you’re eventually going to give in. And when you do, it’s going to be fuckin’ perfect. So my dick can wait for you, Lana, because it has your name written all over it.”

5)“That’s quite a weapon you’re packing,” 

6)Fuck the party. I’m gonna throw you over my shoulder and take you straight to my room.”
  I laugh.
  “Baby, I’m dead serious,” he says. “I have no fuckin’ clue why you’re laughing.”

7)My eyes widen. I didn’t actually expect him to answer. “Did you just give me a little bit of club information? I think I’m going to die of shock.”


  “You’re lucky you’re beautiful, because you’re a pain in the ass.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                   Tracker's End

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Souls Unfractured ( Hades Hangmen #3) by Tillie Cole

"For fractured souls are like magnets.
Drawn to collide into an impossible bliss…"

Labeled a ‘Cursed’ woman of Eve from birth, Maddie has endured nothing but pain and repression at the hands of The Order’s most abusive elder, Moses. Now living with her sister in The Hangmen’s secluded compound, finally, Maddie, is free. Free from the suffocating faith she no longer believes in. Free from endless years of physical and mental torment.

Just… free…

At age twenty-one, the timid and shy Maddie is content to live within the confines of her new home—safe from the outside world, safe from harm and, strangely, protected by the Hangmen’s most volatile member; the heavily pierced and tattooed, Flame. 


The man who ceaselessly watches over her with his midnight dark and searing eyes. The man who protects her with a breath-taking intensity. And the man who stirs something deep within her numbed heart. 

But when circumstances conspire for Flame to need HER help, Maddie bravely risks it all for the broken man who has captivated her fragile soul. 

The Hangmen’s most infamous member, Flame, is ruled by one thing—anger. Plagued by haunting demons from his past, an all-consuming rage, and isolated by an abhorrent hatred of being touched, Flame's days are filled with suffocating darkness, pierced only by a single ray of light—Maddie. The shy, beautiful woman he cannot purge from his thoughts. The woman he has an overwhelming need to possess… 
... the only person who has ever been able to touch him. 

Flame’s mission in life is to protect Maddie, to keep her safe. Until a trigger from his troubled past sends him spiraling into madness, trapping him in the deepest recesses of his disturbed mind. 

His Hangmen brothers fear that Flame is beyond saving. 

His only hope of salvation: Maddie and her healing light.

                                                            My opinion:
Flame met Maddie the day they went to save Mae from the Order. He killed the man who was rapping her and she thanked him. After that he sweared noone would hurt her, because she was his. Present day: When Flame learned that Maddie was going to a church he thought that those people would hurt and he was going to save her. He went there and with his brothers he took her back home. That night a young girl that escaped from the commune went to the clubhouse looking for the three "Sisters". Meanwhile Cain and the rest were making a plan on how to destroy the Hangmen. A few days later Flame went with his brothers on a run and that's when he lost it for good. Maddie decided that it was her time to try to save him. It was working she was making him feel better. And for the first time in years he slept for hours. Days had passed, they talked about their past and they finally hold each other and kissed. But the next day everything was ruined, the Order had taken the girls back. Cain let them go, a few hours later the Hangmen went and found their women. Flame was happy that was reunited with Maddie. He still couldn't let his self to be happy like Maddie did. He had unfinished business with his past and he was going to take care of them. There, a surprise was waiting for him. After that Flame was happy with his wife.

Every one of these stories are so unique, even though the victims past is almost the same. Some characters are  more gullible than the others which makes it more difficult for them to see the truth. In this story the roles are  reversed since Maddie is the one who is helping Flame get over his fears. He was so damaged because of his stupid father and his church. I liked the part where Cain/Rider finally understood that The Order isn't what he thought and i hope we get to have his book.

My favourite lines:

1)“So that’ll be a yes. A huge fucking yes to the extreme makeover, Krueger edition.”

2)“Anaconda, my ass,” Tank said from across the table. “It’s a fucking worm at best.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                  Souls Unfractured

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The Loneliest Alpha ( The MacKellen Alphas #1) by T.A. Grey

One look will change their lives forever.

Lingerie designer Alicia Clarkson just had to open her stupid mouth. Now thanks to trying to defend a fellow pack mate, Alicia’s been blindfolded, tied up, and carted off to the new alpha of the Oregon pack—Gavin MacKellen. 

However, the blindfold doesn’t come off so soon as Gavin reveals he’s searching for a mate. But Alicia’s curiosity gets fired up when Gavin refuses to reveal his face to her. Just what happened to him? He talks to her from shadowy corners and behind closed doors. The man is as allusive as a squirrely fox. But Alicia doesn’t play games and the quiet spoken, hoarse voiced alpha doesn’t stand a chance against her. They settle on an agreement, thirty days for them to get to know each other because that’s the only way this cowboy alpha will have it.

Gavin MacKellen needs a mate. But he knows no good woman would ever want to look at his face after the incident he suffered. After one look at Alicia Clarkson all his plans fly out the window. The woman’s beauty has stunned him damn near speechless. She torments his thoughts and Gavin finds himself yearning to know everything about her. He admires her creativity and intelligence, the cool way she handles herself in stressful situations. Most of all, he aches deep in his chest to taste her lips. Those beautiful sweet lips, but in order to kiss her without showing her what a monster he was, he has to get creative. 

A relationship forms and as love threatens to grow between them Gavin struggles to cope with his physical appearance in the face of the beautiful Alicia. Will she be the one to stand in the face of a monster and accept or will she turn her back on him as everyone else has?

                                                                 My opinion:
Alicia was a lingerie designer. One day she heard a woman screaming, she went to help but ended up abducted. They told her that they'd send her as a gift to the new Alpha. She was so afraid, since she didn't know what would happen to her. Her captor was keeping his face hidden but had a unique voice that intrigued her. Gavin told her what he was looking for and it calmed her down a bit. The next day wasn't good for him, a little girl from his pack was murdered. He was going to find that person and he would pay for this. Gavin chose Alicia to mate with him, he asked  her to give him a chance, one month to get to know him and if she didn't want him she could leave. His request seemed odd to her since he could actually forced her to mate with him. Alicia soon realised that she wanted him, her body craved him, but he couldn't revealed his face yet. That's why he found a safer way to finally taste her and give both of them what they wanted. When it was known to the Pack that she was his woman someone tried to kill her. That night after she'd done something unforgivable he showed her his face as a punishment. She didn't flee as he expected. When she told him she wanted to be with him his insecurities kicked in and ruined everything, even gave the chance to the man who wanted to kill Alicia, to hurt her and take her away. He was beyond pissed when he found out. She was missing for over 20 hours, he was going crazy. Then he decided that he'd take answers with a violent way and it worked. Gavin was afraid for her life so he sent her home until he was sure that nothing would happen to her again. When justice was served he went to take his woman back.

Sweet story, it's  a supernatural story similar to beauty and the beast. It's not a usual wolf shifter book since these wolfs don't shift, they just have the strength and the healing parts.

Gavin the Alpha wolf, was insecure about his looks after what happened to his face. He needed a mate but couldn't find one with the traditional way so he chose another one. From the first time he laid eyes on Alicia he knew she'd be his woman, if she could accept him. Alicia was a woman who had recently been wronged by her ex boyfriend. But she chose to be a fighter and live her life the way she wanted. She was smart and strong. Even though she hated that she'd been kidnapped, she was intrigued by her captor and soon enough she'd craved and loved him.

My favourite lines:

1)“I don’t want you to see my face ’cause I’m an ugly son of a bitch and you’re too pretty to be lookin’ at that.”

2)His cock punched his zipper. 

3)His cock saluted with the power of a jackhammer.

4)If biggest cock-stand was an Olympic sport, he’d win gold. 

5)Don’t look at him, Hanna. 

  Shit, you looked! 

You can buy it on amazon:
                                         The Loneliest Alpha