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Δευτέρα, 28 Απριλίου 2014

Review: Master for tonight by Elaine Barris

 While feeding in the slums of the city, he is interrupted by a woman. Mesmerized, he extracts his fangs from his meal and follows her home. Instantly obsessed, he watches her nightly. Nights turn to months. His desire for her becomes overwhelming. Though fearing the wrath of a vicious Maker who turned him against his will, Julian decides to give Kate the most sensual night of her life, and then walk away.

Kate Collins is an average woman in her late-30’s, plagued by panic attacks. Sent home by her boss at the shelter, she prepares to have a night of relaxation…until her doorbell rings.

Julian Montfort is the most beautiful and masculine man she has ever seen. He exudes ‘maleness’ from his entire body—that certain quality some men have in their DNA that makes a woman recognize her femininity…her ‘womanness.’ That part of her that is soft, malleable, and made to accept him. Drawn to him despite his unconventional arrival, Kate must answer his question: “Can you allow yourself this indulgence? It’s just one night.”

                                                             My opinion:
  Julian wanted Kate from the moment he first saw her.He was watching her closely.Kate suffered from panic attacks and her boss advised her to take some time for herself.One night Julian appeared in her doorstep and told her that he was her Master for tonight.She was afraid and aroused at the same time but still she did as he told her to.After so many months who had spent watching her he really cared for her and wanted to hurt those who have hurt her in the past. Julian knew that he
only had to have one night with Kate because of his crazy Maker.Kate was very confused of her reactions towards him.After the night they spent together he told her as much truth as he could and promised her to be together forever.His psycho Maker found out everything and made him to erase her memory.But certain things was bringing back a few moments of that night. Julian put his good friend to guard her.His Maker found her and almost killed her.Julian was miserable because he could do nothing to help her.He was determined to do two things: 1- kill his psychotic Maker and 2- earn Kate's love.

The story continues...
The most detailed description i have ever read and not only in the sex scenes but the whole story, from the way they move to the way they eat and speak.There were moments that i was like this is creepy, then aww so romantic and God that's discusting. The story doesn't give many information about the main characters, only some specific events of their life. Nevertheless it's a very interesting book, i would like it more if i didn't have to wait till the next installment.

My favourite lines:
1)your pussy will weep as much as your eyes, as you beg me to take you.

2)I know how to please a woman to the point her voice is hoarse from her screams of desire, her bed linens are soaked with her juices and her legs are quivering for hours after i'm done.

3)Can you allow yourself this indulgence?

4)After all the mind-blowing orgasms i've given you, graciously and unselfishly, i might add, the thanks i get is a hurtful poke in the ribs, woman?

5)I'm not asking how you're going to keep her busy, and for the love of everything holy, please don't tell me.

6)Okay. Let it all out.Don't mind the blood tricking out my ears, listening to all this.

7)You know i have no filter when i drink. You poured. This is what you get.

You can buy it on Smashwords:
                                                                Master for tonight
on Amazon:
                                                                   Master for tonight

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Review: Lash(The Skulls) by Sam Crescent

 No one messes with The Skulls and gets away with it!

The last thing Angel Marston ever wanted was be at the mercy of The Skulls. They’re the local bikers and the club that helps keep the town safe, but they have their own kind of rules. They party hard and do whatever the hell they want. But her father’s debts to the club mean Angel has no choice.

Lash loves his club, but he wants a woman who hasn’t slept with all the crew. Angel is just what he’s looking for. She’s sweet, young … and a virgin. He wants her more than anything and has already staked his claim on her.

When Lash touches her, Angel can’t help but melt. He sets fires inside her body with his wandering hands and sinful lips. She can’t say no, and she wants him desperately.

But when all seems to be going so well for Angel and Lash, their pasts catch up to them. The Skulls have enemies who want the town and their women. Lash must decide who to put first, the club or his woman. Is Angel strong enough to stand by his side when the going gets tough? And what will happen when tragedy and pain both hit at once?

                                                                     My opinion:
 Angel was working at the Skulls' biker bar. They were a real badd-ass biker club, they didn't play nice.She didn't work there willingly but because of her father's fault.Angel didn't like it there, she wasn't used to be in a place like this.Lash,a Skulls' member, was checking Angel for a long time and wanted to have her as his old lady.He finally decided to make his move
and claim her.Angel didn't know what Lash has done for her to keep her safe.Her dad is in too deep and his lies towards the bikers is making his case worst.In her mind Angel knew she had to hate Lash but her body had other ideas.He was treating her really good but she was still afraid of the club. She was lucky because she found a friend there, Tate the president's
daughter.Things became really bad because of Angel's father, and she hated for him.Noone hurt Lash's woman and get away with it.At the end they were happy and together.

Along with Lash's story we learn abit about Nash's, Murphy's and Tiny's story.
Angel is a sweet innocent woman who had learnt to hate the bikers and stay away from them. Lash was a biker who wanted her and got her.He talked,she listened but she also had the spunk that old ladies had to have.They were perfect for each other.

As every biker story, there are sex,parties,dirty talk... The story is great, i didn't get bored at all, i read it all at once.I loved all the characters, they are all so different but yet so much alike.

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Review: Frenched by Melanie Harlow

 When Tucker Branch, playboy heir to Branch Bolt and Screw, screws and bolts a week before their wedding, Mia Devine wants nothing more than to crawl under her newly monogrammed sheets and plan a funeral for her dignity. But her friends convince her that bitter tastes better when it’s drowned in Bordeaux, so Mia grits her teeth and packs her bags, determined to make the best of her luxurious Paris honeymoon—alone.

She never planned on meeting Lucas Fournier.

The easygoing bartender’s scruffy good looks and less-than-sympathetic ear annoy her at first, but when she takes him up on his offer to show her around the city, she discovers that the romance of Paris isn’t just a myth.

Nor is the simultaneous O.

The last thing Mia needs is another doomed love affair, but since she only has a week, she figures she might as well enjoy la vie en O with Lucas while she can. But each day—and night—with Lucas is better than the last, and suddenly her heart is telling her this is more than a rebound fling.

Is it just the seduction of Paris…or could this be the real thing? 

                                                             My opinion:
 Mia's fiance called off the wedding a week before it happened, she was devastated and didn't want to see anyone.Her friends convinced her to do the honeymoon trip alone. It was hard for her to be in Paris, there were couples in love everywhere so she couldn't easily forget what had happened to her a few weeks back.Then she met Lucas,a bartender/professor, he was getting on her nerves.He offered her to be her guide so she can enjoy her time there.She was having a great time with him,
especially the night after their dinner. For once in her life she was spontaneous and she was loving it.Problem was that she was falling for him.Mia knew that they couldn't be together because they wanted different things from life.When she went at her room she found there her ex fiance and she wasn't happy about it.When everything were ruined between Lucas and her she was brave enough to go to him and try to fix their relationship.

It's a romantic and sexy novel. It has a variate of sex scenes and a great description of beautiful sceneries.
Mia's character is fun and crazy,that woman loves making lists. Lucas is the perfect man, sweet, sexy and hot. Tucker is a huge asshole.

My favourite lines:
1)The woman next to me patted my white knuckles on the armrest between us. “It’s just some
turbulence. We’ll be through it in a few minutes.”
  Or we’ll all suffer death by unnatural impact with the Atlantic Ocean. That could happen too.

2)And then, the most incredible thing in the world—Lucas’s ragged breaths became pants and then
primal sounds and then loud, uncontrollable shouts every time he rocked into me, and I realized it was possible we were going to come together, like at the same time. Like in a fucking book or a movie!

3)“He had the sweetest pussy in all creation right next to him all that time and he didn’t
spend his days and nights buried in it?”

4)“Who is this wizard of O’s?”

5)“Except that I woke up thinking about you and I had a
raging hard-on. I had to take care of it myself. I wished you’d stayed over.”

6)“You have no idea what you’re saying to me. I’m so hard right now.”
  “Want me to come sit on your lap?”
  He groaned and sat back. “Don’t tease me. I can’t handle it.”

7)“Told you I had a dirty mind. Now you better walk in front of
me for a few minutes. I don’t want to scare anybody with what’s in my pants right now.”

8)And all I could think was, How soon can we do it again?

9)  “My stomach can wait,” he said, lowering his mouth to my neck. “My dick is more demanding. It
wants you now.”

10)“I want to taste you all the time, Mia. I want the flavor of you on my tongue every fucking minute of the day. And you know it. You shouldn’t tease me by telling me you’re not wearing panties when I
can’t have my mouth on you.”
11)“Oh, God.” I wasn’t sure I could talk—my body was spiraling out of control again.
  He yanked my hair. “God’s not here.”

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Review: Once Bitten Twice Shy by CC Wood

 I used to think that my life was boring. I resigned myself to the rut I was stuck in. Then my entire existence was turned upside down.
In the last six months, I’ve learned things that would get me committed to an asylum if I repeated them. First, I was kidnapped by vampires. Yes, vampires. Sounds crazy, right? My best friend, Donna, became one of the fanged after that little adventure and hooked up with a hot, Scottish vampire named Conner. They’re even planning a wedding.

Secondly, I learned not all vampires are evil. In fact, some of them are downright sexy.

Alexander Dimitriades has it all. He’s tall, dark, and handsome and manages to give me tingles in all the right place and also make me laugh. Unfortunately, to be with him, I would have to give up my humanity and I like being human. Then, there’s the fact that the whole drinking blood thing gives me the heebie jeebies.

To make matters worse, there are plans in motion to change the place vampires hold in the human world. And I’m caught in the middle, between the vampire I’m falling in love with and a group that wants to create a vampire dictatorship, with humans as slaves.

Now, all I want is my calm, normal life back. As my friend, Ricki, likes to say, “Be careful what you wish for because it might come and bite you on the ass.” I hate it when she’s right. 

                                                       My opinion:
 After months Ivie was still suffering from the vampire attack, she had nightmares and was scared to go out. She was staying with her friend Donna and her fiance Conner until she was ready to face the world. Alexander, Conner's friend, was intrigued  by Ivie.And as Ivie said he was making her feel twitchy.Lex was irritating her with his bossy way but she also liked it. Vampires' enemies had come close to Ivie and tried to use her against her own friends. Donna,Lex and Conner decided that she
had to stay with them so noone can harm her.After a while Ivie found out that she had a special bond with Lex and that they shared the same kink. The first time he took her to his dungeon she was a bit scared but then she enjoy it very much.Their enemies didn't leave her alone so they had to take extra safety measures.Those vampires took Donna's and Ivie's friends but they managed to take them back.Ivie realised how important Lex was for her and that she had special abilities.

It was interesting, we get to know more about Conner's enemies. Most of the story was about Ivie's trust issues with the vampire kind,she knew that there were good vamps too but she was too scared from what she had been through when they abducted her. She found her perfect Dom and now she could fullfil her sexual fantasies.In the end we read a part about Kerry and Finn.

My favourite lines:
 1)I managed to walk sedately rather than dash back up the stairs, so that none of the nosy vampires would know that
I was fleeing the kitchen like a whore at a Baptist tent revival.

2)Holy shit, he had an erection to rival Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas.

3)“I need you,” I whispered. And I did. I needed to feel that thick, long, beautiful dick thrusting
inside me more than I needed my next breath.

4)“That doesn’t mean I won’t fuck you blind,though.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                                               once bitten twice shy

Τρίτη, 22 Απριλίου 2014

Review: Bite Me by CC Wood

I had the perfect life; an awesome job in advertising, a gorgeous high rise apartment, and a flirtation with the guy down the hall. Then it all came crashing down. Two months later I was a cocktail waitress living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I had also developed a serious ‘men suck’ attitude. 
That all changed the night I met the beautiful and enigmatic Conner Savage. But there was just one little problem…he said he was a vampire. Figures a man that hot would be batshit crazy. Or so I thought. It didn't take me long to realize that Conner wasn't a nut job and that I was addicted to him. With every moment we spent together he drew me deeper into his world and the supernatural culture in which he lived. 
Now I had a choice: the vampire I craved or a normal life. Couldn't be easier, right?

                                                My opinion:
One night after her shift was done Donna was attacked by three drunk idiots outside of the bar she was working. She wasn't a girl who would back down without a fight and that's what she did, she screamed and fought until a man came to her rescue. In the beginning she was lucky he came to rescue her but eventually she was scared of him.His name is Conner and he is the
hottest vampire she has ever seen.A couple days later he went to check on  her in the bar she was working and asked her on a date.Donna couldn't believe that vampires existed but he was ready to answer all of her questions just to get to spend more time with her.He answered every single question and then they ended up in her bed.After that night he was staying at
her place every night. When Donna realised in how much danger she was by dating Conner she was really terrified.Her life would change just to avoid getting hurt. Her enemy was smarter but she was lucky enough and survived at the end.

Great storyline,funny and sweet characters.
Conner is such a gentleman, so sweet and caring. Donna is funny and sassy. Her friends were just like her,hilarious and couldn't not shut their mouth. Her ex-boss was a wacko, the monster had someperverted thoughts.But Vanessa was the queen of the pervert vampires. In the end we get a little taste about the second book about Alexander's and Ivie's story.

My favourite lines:
1)Leave it to one good looking man to reduce me to a speechless puddle. 

2)Oh hell, no way was I playing sink the salami with a creature that would want to sink fangs into me too.

3) “Hold still,” he said.
    Easy for him to say. 

4)“No, I don’t want to hurt you. When you fled, the part
of me that is completely inhuman wanted to run you down and claim you. To fuck you senseless. To bite you.”

5)“Fuck me, I need to write a book. I guess I could call it No Bullshit Facts about Vampires.”

6)Conner laughed long and loud. “I’m so glad you obviously don’t want me for my money.”
  “No, I want you for your big dick and your ability to use it,” I responded.

7)Tonight I planned to fulfill a longtime fantasy: ravishing my very own Highlander.

You can buy it on amazon:
                               Bite me

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Review: Dangerously bound by Eden Bradley

Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans. After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe—and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs—Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires. She’s not a child anymore.
But with two in the kitchen…
When security specialist Mick Reid hears that Allie is back in town, he knows he won’t be able to stay away for long. Ever since he discovered his darker side, Mick has tried to protect Allie from the aggressive beast within him—but that power and wildness is exactly what she wants.
Can they take the heat?
Allie has made the first move, but now it’s up to Mick. The game has begun, and playing has never been so rough.

                                                                 My opinion:
He is a masochist and she is his perfect match.

Allie left from New Orleans to go to college, she also left behind a man she was crazy for him but after he spent a night with her he disappeared. Now she was back and she was determined to have him in her life. She had a plan.Mick wanted her as much as she wanted him but he was afraid, he didn't want to drag her in his dark world (his kink). He would soon find out
that she was into the same kink and how much she has changed.They had agree to play but he was making everything so difficult (and i think he was trying to put her off).They tried to be together but as long as Mick was keeping his secrets they wouldn't succeed.It took some time, an accident and Alli's broke down for him to understand what he really wanted from his life.

There's alot of sex, bondage, spankings.
She loved him too much and she was showing it to him.He loved her too but he was afraid of his past mistakes and the darkness inside him.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                  dangerously bound

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Review: Renegade Lady (Renegade Sons MC) by Dawn Martens

Jenna “Ice” Chandler grew up as part of a motorcycle club. She considered it her home, until one wrong move made it her prison. After months of abuse, she is rescued by Chipper, who takes her to Big Clifty, Missouri, home of the Renegade Sons MC. 

Kiddrick “Kidd” Jones is the president of the Renegades. He knows there is something special about Ice the moment his older brother, Chipper, brings her into the club, but stays away, because she is too young. 

When time comes for Ice to take her place in the club, she has two choices, become an old lady or a club whore. Not believing in love and knowing a man can never be faithful, she decides to earn her spot on her back. 

With each passing year, Kidd's feelings for Ice grows and the urge to make her his becomes stronger. Frustrated and jealous, he finally decides it’s time to make her his. 

Will Ice finally thaw out and give love a chance, or is Kidd fighting a losing battle?

                                             My opinion:
Jenna's father let an asshole claim her as his old lady so he can keep his secrets burried. But she was lucky and soon enough someone rescued her from him, that man was Chipper a member of the Renegade Sons MC. He took her home with him and claimed her as family, so now she had people who would care and protect her.Jenna instantly felt like a member of that family and she became friends with Chipper's young brother Kidd.She had a crush on him but he was seeing her as his new lil sister.It hurt her to see him with other women but she could do nothing about it because she was too young.
Kidd had to leave for club buisness and when he got back instead of his sweet girl he found the most fuckable woman of the world.When she turned 18 Kidd tried to claim her as his but something bad happened he lost his mind for a while and fucked the whole thing up.He regretted everything he said and he was ready to fight for her.He had to work hard for it because Jenna was conviced that she was only good as a whore.She chose how to live her life for many years but her past was coming to haunt her. Kidd was furious that noone told him about the person who wanted to harm Ice but he would 
protect his girl no matter what.

It's definately a worth reading story. A bit hardcore for me. I have never read an MC story as this one. I hated a few characters, one of them was Kidd's father. I liked how strong Jenna became but i wasn't such a fan of how
she chose to live for a few years. Kidd was an ass for a while but he eventually became the man that we all knew he was. I loved Chipper he acted as the best dad in the world and the best man a woman can ever have.

My favourite lines:
1)“She’s nearly eighteen. You got a little while before you can go there. When you do, it better be for more than just 
a quick ride. I won’t  be here then, but I can guarantee that I will come back and haunt your ass if you hurt my girl.”

2)“But you know what they say. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                            Renegade Lady

Τρίτη, 15 Απριλίου 2014

Review: Game Changer (Hell's Saints Motorcycle Club #1) by Paula Marinaro

“That place is what we call a game changer, sweetheart. If there comes a time you when you need that place, everything about your life will have to change.” 
When Raine Winston walked into the Hells Saints Compound, she was desperately seeking a safe haven. What she found instead was Diego Montesalto, a mountain of muscle and the man she had driven all night to escape from. 
The last thing Diego ever expected to see walking through the doors of the Saints clubhouse was Raine. The beautiful, brave woman who he had just spent the night drinking and sexing off his mind. Diego and Raine. 
This is their story. Raw. Complicated. A love story filled with murder, mayhem, intrigue, and the Happily Ever After.

                                      My opinion:
Raine's little sister had a junkie and abusive boyfriend. Her sister loved him very much and she started doing drugs too. They owned money to some bikers and Raine told them she could give them the money in a few days. She told them where the money was and one of the bikers named Diego planned to keep her safe but the plan didn't go as well as he thought.
From time to time Raine remembered parts of her past,her mom her dad and their good friend Prosper. He was her dad's best friend and now he was one of the Founders of Hell's Saints MC. She had mostly good memories of him.So when she felt that she was in danger she went to find him.There she saw him again, after 20 years she felt safe again.Diego wanted Raine but he had to be sure Prosper was good with that and that's what he did. He would make sure that everyone knew she was his and he would always keep her safe. Raine might be a scared and hurt woman but she was also a fighter. It seemed that she found a new family in the MC, they gave her a job, she was having a good time there. She had the chance to learn more about her past from another person. Raine was free from her past and she was going to start again with her sister in her life. Raine was in love with Diego and they were happy until he fucked it all up.Every time she was happy something bad was happening.But at the end Raine had what she always deserved...

It's an amazing story. It gives information not only about the main charachters but all of them. All of their stories are very interesting and emotional.
Two girls who didn't have a good life but were strong enough to learn how to survive. The two sisters are so much alike, they both are brave and strong but we get to see how afraid they can be from time to time.

My favourite lines:
1)When Jamie’s sleeve was rolled up, his arms looked like a road map that said: Next Stop Heroin. This Way Please.

2)“Real men are the ones who go to sleep next to you at night, wake up next to you in the morning and
hold you in their hearts all the hours in between. You make sure, when it’s your time, you pick a man
like that.”

3)“Never had a woman who blushed before.” His smile was getting bigger. “Honey, you’re all pink and
hot and we haven’t even started yet. I like that.”

4)“You broke your fingers, both hands. Hearing gone too. Voice, ditto. Only explanation.

5)Now he had to go back inside and deal with the Powerpuff Girls

6)“Babe, you got about a half a second to stop pushing your ass against my dick, then I’m gonna throw
you on your back and bury myself deep in you, fucked up knee or not. I really don’t want to hurt you

babe, but you gotta stop.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                    Game Changer

Δευτέρα, 14 Απριλίου 2014

Review:Her convenience by Felicity Pickles

A young couple venture to the Cornish coast for a winter break, and during a moment of reckless abandon, decide to venture inside a seaside public toilet for a decidedly dirty adventure. Little do they know, they are being watched

                                                      My opinion:
A short erotic story, with sex,dirty talk, oral,anal,voyeurism and threesome. The whole story has very detail description.

A young couple James and Claire were walking when a thunder started. It was cold they hugged so they can warm themselves and then came the excitement. They ended up having sex in a public restroom but they didn't know that they had been watched. When they found out who it was they invited her to watch them having sex and next time she could join them.The girl found a public place and there all three of them had an incredible experience.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                              her convenience

Σάββατο, 12 Απριλίου 2014

Review: Bikers and Tinsel (The MC Sinners) by Bella Jewel

You've followed them through thick and thin, now it's time to celebrate Christmas with the MC Sinners - Biker style. 
It doesn't come easy. Ups and downs are a part of the biker life. 
Join Muff and Janine as they celebrate their first Christmas with laughs, steamy moments and times that will test their strength. 
It's not Christmas without family - and this group is the meaning of family. 

                                       My opinion:
In this book we see how the bikers celebrate Christmas. The story is told by Muff and Janine. After dating for a few months they finally are going to have sex and they're both excited about it. They rented cabins on the mountain they went first and then the kids would follow after a couple days. They were having so much fun playing games and having sex. Even now bad things happening to them but they're sure they'll get through them.No one messes with these bikers. They spend their Christmas with their family and kids. I will miss my dirty mouth and sexy as hell bikers....

My favourite lines:
1)“The man strips you down and fucks you with his eyes every time you’re in the same room.”

2)“I dare you to go and ask the neighbors for sugar, in only your jocks. We all know they’re going to stick to those spikes.”

3)“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. Santa’s got a hickey on the end of his cock, Mrs. Claus is pregnant, the elves are all gay, and Prancer’s humping Rudolph in the back of the sleigh.”

4)“Ever had your pussy licked from behind, Jaybird?”
    “N-n-no,” I whimper.
    “You’re in for a fuckin’ treat, then.”

5)“Fuck, why don’t you just kick me in the fuckin’ balls

while you’re at it?”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                Bikers and Tinsel

Review: Knight's Sinner ( The MC Sinners) by Bella Jewel

Jackson is always considered the 'softie'. He's the first to help people out when they're in need. He's President of the Hell's Knights and he figures it's about time he shows the world how much of a sinner he can be. 
Serenity has a dark past. Secrets haunt her and she has no way of escaping them. Hogan is the only family she knows and life with him is brutal. And it's about to get worse. 
He sends her on a mission. 
On a mission to destroy the Hell's Knights and the Heaven's Sinners. 
Can she pretend with a club she doesn't know? 
Or will she betray Hogan for the man she's falling in love with? 

                                       My opinion:
This is the story of Jackson, Hell's Knights President and Serenity's, a girl who lived in hell. Her father is a monster, he gave her an order that she must follow, she has to gather information so he can take his revenge. But the bikers there are so good and kind to her, much different from the world she grew up.She's in a big dillema. Serenity starts having feelings for Jackson and she feels guilt about it.It's the first time in her whole life that she is so happy.Jackson wants her, he knows he shouldn't because she's too young but his body doesn't agree with his mind.Now she knows what she has to 
do even if it's going to destroy her relationship with Jackson, he has to know the truth.Jackson is crashed by her betrayal, but they put her as bait to reach her father, the plan doesn't go well Hogan is smarter...

Jackson is so sweet and caring biker. Serenity met people who cared for her from the first moment they met her, she was able to leave the fear behind her. There's alot of sex and kinky sex. We get to see Allison, Cade, Spike and Ciara. Addison is my favourite character by far, she is amazing. This book in addition with the other two is written in the present. 

   My favourite lines:
1)“Don’t let him hear you say that, his ego will burst and he’ll throw you over his shoulder like a caveman, and dominate you like a boss!”

2)“Oh get your head out of your ass! There’s so much sexual tension in the air, I should just orgasm standing here.”

3)“Don’t have a condom, which means I can’t fuck you here, but I can make you scream my name. And baby, you’re gonna scream it.”

4)Jackson suddenly scrunches his nose up, and turns to baby Danny. “Little man, what does your momma feed you?”
  Spike groans, and lifts the little boy into the air. “Ciara, woman, he needs you.”
 Ciara ducks down behind us.
 “I can see you Tom Cat!” he bellows.
  She giggles. “He’s your child too,” she yells from behind us.
  “Aw, come on! I want to eat sometime soon!”
  “Close your eyes, you’ll be fine!”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                      Knight's Sinner

Πέμπτη, 10 Απριλίου 2014

Review: Heaven's Sinners ( The MC Sinners) by Bella Jewel

A modern day biker romance. 

Spike knows tragedy, he knows that feelings are better left hidden. He refuses to put his heart out there again, it's a pain he's not willing to feel a second time around. He's accepted he's going to spend forever alone. That's all he deserves. 

But then there's Ciara, the sister of his deceased wife. She's beautiful and damned determined to throw herself into his life in hopes they can reform an old friendship, but Spike won't hear of it, and Ciara refuses to give up. 

Who will win the battle of wills?

                                           My opinion:
We met Spike in Hell's Knights, he is the president of the Heaven's Sinners MC, he was friends with Cade. His wife got killed by people who were after him and he feels guilt. He lives for revenge.Ciara, his dead wife's sister, were friends with him but after they slept together one night everything changed, now it seemes like they hate each other but it is more than that. They lust after each other but were afraid to admit it.Ciara wants to fix him but he wants her away from him, he doesn't want to hurt her.He tried to stay away but he couldn't, all those feelings he had for her are coming back. Spike saw that he shared the same kinks with Ciara and he was happy about it.He went to take his revenge but everything went wrong.

Two broken people, Spike lost his wife and blamed himself, Ciara lost her sister and her parents blamed her. Their story has so much pain but so much love too. This book is written in past and present too. The sex scenes are amazing and kinky. Spike became friends with Cade again, not that they had ever stopped. Addison has grown to be such a sweet and funny girl.

My favourite lines:
1)That’s when Addi steps in, and being her
typical smart-ass self, she begins singing, “H-h-h-h-he works out!”
     I stare at her, wide-eyed as she sings it using the same tone as LMFAO’s song “Sexy and I Know
It.” I can’t help myself - I burst out laughing. She grins, joining in and before we know it, Cade is
laughing, too.

2)“Babe, I’m going to fuck you until the sun is shining.

You can buy it on Amazon:

                                                              Heaven's Sinners

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Review: Hell's Knights ( The MC Sinners) by Bella Jewel

A modern day biker romance. 

Addison has had a hard life. Her mother is useless, and her father hasn't been in her life for years. When her mother dies, she's left with no money and an angry man after her. She goes to the only person she knows can take care of her right now - her father. She knows her father is the President of an MC club, but she doesn't quite realize just how much she will come to rely on that club. 

Cade is everything she knows she should stay away from, and yet she can't seem to keep herself from wanting him. He's the club VP, gorgeous, rugged, charming and he makes her feel again. She should be running, she should be escaping the demons of her past, but instead she finds herself falling for the gorgeous biker. 

Come on this whirlwind romance with two broken people, who figure out how to put each other back together.

                                     My opinion:
Bikers who try to protect one of their own, a sassy girl who can't seem to follow orders and a  bossy sexy arrogant man who tries to make her behave.

Addison's early life was a hell so when her mom died, she had debts and now Addison had to pay them she also had her mom's pimp coming after her. She asked for help from the only person she knew, her father who hadn't seen her in years. Her dad is a president of a MC club. When she went there to find him she met Cade, a sexy as sin biker.Now she had a place to live and a job so she can earn some money.She does well at her new job but she manages to get in a lil bit of trouble and "tries" to stay away from the biker who wants to be inside her panties.Cade is not a man you can ignore and soon Addison realises that.They're good together but her issues don't let her to enjoy a few happy moments.The bikers are going to help her with her problem. She finally understands that now there are people that she can trust and Cade is one
of them.He has a painful story too and he revealed it to her.Problem is that the pimp found her and he was ready to make her pay for what she did to him.

It has lots of dirty sex. There is love and pain. The past and present is written in a way that makes the story more understandable.The characters are very interesting and kinda funny. It also gives us a glimpse of Spike's story, a biker from another MC.The scene with the ice cubes is very interesting. I would like to see the bitch being punished.

My favourite lines:
1)“You’re the kind of girl that makes a man want to stop what he’s doing, just so he can get a
moment to look at that angelic face – a face that will keep him awake for the rest of his fuckin’ life.
That’s the kind of girl you are, sugar.”

2)“Seriously?” I whisper. “You’re hitting on me in the middle of a road?”
      “I like to do it in style,” he says, staring at my lips.
      “Are you always this full on when you want to get your dick wet?”
      He grins, slow and sexy. “Sugar, if I wanted my dick wet, I could get it wet anywhere, with
anyone. I don’t want my dick wet. I want it fuckin’ drenched, drippin’ and surrounded in you.”

3)“Fuck the cleaning up. I’m going to spend the rest of the night deep in your sweet pussy.”
      Well, how can a girl argue with that?

4) “if you ever play with me like that again, you won’t like
how it ends. That ain’t a fuckin’ threat either; it’s a mother fuckin’ promise.”

5)“You’re lucky your man paid me my money.”
      “You and I both know you never wanted to hurt me, Spike.”
      He raises his brows. “I’m reconsidering that decision.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                     Hell's Knights