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Death Row by Sienna Lane and Amelia Rivers

Kidnapped on her way to work, Evelyn Chambers finds herself at the hands of Death Deceivers MC. After witnessing a shooting the MC doesn’t want to be held accountable for, Evelyn is taken and held hostage. Kept under guard by a biker that goes by the name of Row, Evelyn finds herself in a world so different to her own. Her survival instinct kicking in, Evelyn does what she has to do, determined to get out of there alive.

And with her heart intact.

As his club’s VP, Row will do anything to keep his brothers safe. Even kidnap an innocent woman. Evelyn is unlike any woman Row has ever met. Learning that she sees everything in black and white, with no shades of grey, Row has to convince her not to testify against the club.

And if she doesn’t agree…

He has no choice but to put her life in the hands of the club.

                                                                My opinion:
A kidnapping turned into a love story.

Evelyn was working as a dentist assistant. One day at her lunch break she witnessed a shoot out between two MC clubs which was the reason for her boss's death. Unfortunately for her the MC who was responsible for Matthew's death found out about her and they kidnapped her. When she tried to escape they told her the reason she was there and what were her options. They were going to keep her there until they were sure she wouldn't testify against them. Evelyn was attracted by the one who was responsible for her, Row. He wanted her as well and that was creating a mess in the whole situation. Evelyn made the mistake of escaping and she paid for it since she was kidnapped again by a different MC. Row saved her from them and set her free.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                             Death Row

Sinner's Steel ( The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #3) by Sarah Castille

Tall, dark, and dangerously handsome, Zane "Tracker" Colter is the strong, silent type of tattooed muscle biker who drives women wild. But as a master of strategy for the outlaw MC club, Sinner's Tribe, he doesn't have time to play around with groupies and biker chicks-especially when he can't stop thinking about Evie, the girl who got away...

Evie's been in love with Zane ever since they were children-until he broke her heart and disappeared. Now he's back in her life, bigger and badder than ever. Zane is stunned by how beautiful and confident Evie's become, using her artistic talent to customize motorcycles. He wants her so bad, he'd ride through fire to win her back. There's one problem: Evie is dating his deadliest rival-the leader of the Black Jacks-and if Evie and Zane hook up, there'll be hell to pay...

                                                              My opinion:
When Zane was younger he was in love with his friend Evie. Nine years later: The MC had finally found Axle and were ready to get him , until Zane noticed the  beautiful redhead who was with him, his Evie. Axle run away from them,and  Jagger decided to go talk with Evie. She was currently dating their number one enemy, Viper, but she didn't tell them that. Zane had never forget her and now he was ready to earn her love again. When they found out about Viper and her, they weren't happy but they went to resque her from him. It wasn't an easy task to get rid of Viper, especially when Evie denied her friends' help because of her independence. The sinner's took her and her son in the safehouse so they could protect them. While they were trying to take their friend back from the Black Jacks, Zane and Evie were getting to know each other again. Viper, being a dirty manipulative asshat with no remorse, used everything he could to get what he wanted, even a little kid. The Sinners though were smarter and had a good plan, so they won this battle. In the end Zane was a free man and was going to live happily with his family.

It's a very interesting and sexy story. There's alot of action between the two rival MCs. A few scorching hot scenes between Zane and Evie. We learn about their past, and how much they had changed after all these years. I admired Evie's independence most of the time, but at some point it started pissing me off as well, since her attitude caused troubles. I liked how Zane handle everything before he came to claim his woman and his son.

You can buy it on Amazon:

                                           Sinner's Steel

Nothing Ever Lasts (Teaser) by Jasmine Lee

                                  #NEW‬ Teaser ... Cover will be revealed Sunday, November 1, 2015
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Biker's Baby Girl by Jordan Silver

Creed is an ex sharpshooter turned bike crew President, with a rough upbringing and the scars to prove it. Nine years ago an old drunk offered him his twelve-year-old daughter for his next pint. Knowing that as fucked up as he was he was still the kid’s best bet, he took the deal. He left her with an aunt he thought he could trust because Uncle Sam owned his ass for the next little while, and he had no choice. 
Then his babygirl turned eighteen and shit went south, literally. He knew he had to stay the fuck away from her or she’d be under him before she could blink, but he made a deal with himself. 
When his babygirl hit twenty-one he was taking her no matter what. 
Her birthday was three days away and though he’d kept his distance for the last two and a half years he’s been keeping tabs on her. It was time to collect. 

                                                                My opinion:
One day a drunk guy offered Creed his twelve year old daughter. Because he didn't want the girl to get hurt he accepted the offer and left her with her aunt. A few days before her 21st birthday he had to go and get her from those monsters he thought he could trust. She would be finally his. He had to prepare her for the life with him. He knew it wouldn't be easy for her since she was so innocent. The first few days were amazing for both. Things got ugly when she met a few of the women he slept with. Creed made her understand that his love for her was real and everything were good again. One of his friends found out something dangerous about Jessie, so they headed down there to deal with it. They might not have caught all the bad guys but that wasn't going to stop Creed from creating a family with his baby girl.

For the most part is a sweet story about two people who hadn't the easiest life. Creed was Jessie's hero since she was very little, she loved him from the first time she saw her. Then this love changed into something more. Creed liked the little girl with the ponytails, he loved spending time with her. When she turned 18 he saw her as a beautiful woman and fell for her. Their love scenes are super hot. I'm not very happy with the second part of the book, where all those people, who have never been mentioned before, suddenly appear. 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                      Biker's Baby Girl

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Roomies ( A Standalone Novel- New York City Bad Boy Romance) by Claire Adams

My name is Leila. I moved to New York City for a great internship opportunity but unfortunately it costs a fortune to live there. So I had to find a roommate. The best one I could find was Dane. Tattooed. Male Whore. And annoying. But he had the money to pay half the rent. My only problem? He wants more than just being my roommate... 

I'm Dane and I don't have feelings for women. They are just there to get me off. Yeah, I'm a dick and don't care. Unfortunately when I start rooming with Leila she doesn't have time to deal with my sh*t. That's not the biggest problem though. She won't f*ck me. 

I finally met my match... 

                                                                       My opinion:
Leila was working as an intern in a company. With her salary wasn't able to afford living alone so she had to find a roommate. None of the candidates were good enough for her, but she was desperate so she chose one of them, Dane. He's a chef, very sexy guy and kind of arrogant. Leila hated her job almost as much as her new roommate. Her life there wasn't very good. Day to day her feelings for Dane were changing, the same thing happened for him as well. One day they decided to talk about it and thought they could work as a couple. But it was more difficult than they thought, since Leila was moving in another city for a new job. She knew that they couldn't find a way to be together while living in two different cities, so she left him. They tried to get over each other but they couldn't. They belonged together.

It was a nice story, definitely not what i was expecting frome reading the description. Leila was a girl who loved her job but not the place she was working in NY. Her luck in men was awful until the day she met Dane. Dane loved his job as well, he wasn't a man who liked being in a relationship until he met Leila. They fell in love in a very short time. In the end they made it work between them and they were very happy.

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Nothing Ever Lasts Teaser by Jasmine Lee

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Changed (The Wolf's Den #2) by Aline Hunter

Beta werewolf Declan Schroder knows Rachel Gentry is his mate. The hard-as-nails female is more than he could ask for—intense, clever and sexy as sin. There’s only one problem. Rachel is human and fears his kind. She’s receptive to his advances—their sexual chemistry is impossible to deny—until an attack by a rogue werewolf threatens to destroy their newfound bond. 

As Declan’s mating heat rises, he knows he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Rachel as his own. To keep her he’ll have to love her from dusk to dawn, introducing her to pleasures she’s never known. Loving a big, bad wolf is wicked and dangerous, but not in the way she’s bound to regret.

                                                                My opinion:
Rachel is Chloe's best friend. She isn't very social and she doesn't like werewolves. But there is a specific one that flirts with her and doesn't leave her alone. Declan knew that she was his mate and he had to woo her before biting her and making her his. One night a wolf bit her and the changing started immediately. The next day when she woke up Chloe told her everything but Rachel wasn't accepting the truth. Declan wanted to help her but she was so stubborn and afraid. Rachel was tired of the life she was living so far, she wanted a real family, that's why she let Declan to claim her. Chloe's attack had alarmed the whole pack, they needed to find the person behind it and soon. They didn't catch that person yet, but Rachel's transition went well. She now belonged to a big caring family.

Sweet and interesting story. It continues from where the first ended. Here we have a human, Rachel, and a wolf, Declan. We see how she accepts her new life and her transformation. Also we have the attack against Chloe and Shane finally discovered his mate.

My favorite line:
“I’m not your Boo-Boo and you sure as shit aren’t my Teddy Bear.”

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Marked ( The Wolf's Den #1) by Aline Hunter

Fantasy becomes reality if you carry the mark...

Chloe Bryant doesn’t know what to expect when she enters The Wolf’s Den. Drawn to the werewolf tattoo parlor for reasons she can’t explain, she soon discovers the sexy man from her dreams isn’t a figment of her imagination. Not only is Jackson Donovan real, but he explains the dreams they shared are due to their destined mating. It can’t be possible. She’s not a werewolf. Even if he swears the mark on her wrist indicates otherwise.

Jackson is stunned to discover the beautiful minx from his dreams isn’t a full-blooded werewolf but a Halfling. The only way to uncover Chloe’s past is to stake a claim to her future. By taking the delectable female into his bed, he’ll unlock every secret she has to hide -- as well as awaken the passion she’s tucked away for too long -- by exploring her mind, body and soul one sweet inch at a time.

                                                                     My opinion:
Chloe's mother had died when she was little. She grew up with her grandparents. Everything were fine until the changes in her body came and a crescent mark on her rist. She didn't know what was happening but she  had to find out soon. That's how she ended up in the Wolf's Den, a tattoo parlor. Jackson was surprised when he saw his mate coming in the store. Especially when he realised that she was ignorant to what was happening to her. He explained a few things to her and then he claimed her. Before he showed her to the pack he had to find out who her father was. They found out part of the story but they had to deal with alot of issues: as in how to deal with her dad and how easy or difficult would be for Chloe to be a Lupa.

It is a nice paranormal story about a young girl who in only a few days finds out who she really is and experiences her first transformation. Her mate's (Jackson) help made everything easier for her. Jackson was the alpha of the pack, very dominating figure who knew exactly what his female and the entire pack needed. Chloe wasn't a girl who you could boss around and her wolf was an Alpha with a temper. We read parts of the second book which is about Cloe's best friend Rachel and the Beta of the pack Declan.

There were alot of sex scenes since Chloe's wolf was in heat because of the silver moon. The story was very interesting and understandable.

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Desired ( Twin Alphas #2) by Georgette St. Clair

A week-long festival full of hot Alpha werewolf twins who are sniffing around looking for their forever mates…what’s not to love? Plenty, if you’re Mackenzie Kaye, who was humiliated at last year’s festival when she was ditched by the Alpha pair she’d been yearning for. 

But this year things are different – the Alpha pair have summoned her to their cabin, and now they’ll stop at nothing to claim her. Why the sudden change of heart? What mysterious secret are they hiding, and who is trying to sabotage their budding relationship?

                                                                    My opinion:

Ajax and Barron had  to go to the claiming festival, but the first one wished they didn't have to. They had both found their mate but they couldn't claim her without putting her life at risk. They were trying to find a solution to their problem. Mackenzie was there this year as well, but she wasn't as happy as last year since she wasn't expect anything to happen. Ajax and his brother found her, they talked for a while and then they claimed her. The next day she was accident prone which scared them. So Barron decided to leave the festival and start searching on how to solve the curse. It was very hard to find out what happened since no one was willing to talk. But eventually they found the right people who helped them. In the end Mackenzie could have many cubs with them, just like she always dreamed of.

A short story with sexy cursed werewolves, a lunatic alpha mate wannabe, and a female mate who's fighting for her future  life.

You can buy it on Amazon:

Nothing Ever Lasts Teaser by Jasmine Lee

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Models - Bri Jay

Claimed ( Twin Alphas #1) by Georgette St. Clair

Amelia Baxter’s got one simple assignment: she is to sneak through the Breach into the universe where werewolves exist and observe, document, and report back. But when the sassy-mouthed, chubby college professor discovers that she’s crossed over right in the middle of the annual Alpha Claiming Festival, she’s fascinated. And when two handsome Alpha brothers beg her to spend the weekend with them in their Mating Cabin, she can’t say no. Of course, it’s all for research, right? After all, no human from her world has ever had this opportunity to get this close and personal with werewolves before! 
Unfortunately, leaving behind two deliciously sexy Alphas who have locked their sights on her as their Forever Mate isn’t as easy as she thought it would be…and when she crosses back over to her world, she walks straight into a nightmare of betrayal and deadly threats to all she loves most. 
Will her Alphas get to her in time, or will secrets from another world prove to be even more deadly than those who seek to betray her? 

                                                                     My opinion:
It is a very hot short story about two sexy alpha werewolves and their curvy woman.(There are many twins in this book as well)

Amelia Baxter,an anthropology professor, was going to make one of her dreams come true. She was going to meet werewolves. Holt and Clayton were going to the Alpha claming festival to find their one woman. When Amelia went there, she was spotted immediately by a hot alpha male named Holt. In the first 60 seconds he felt that she was the one for him, so he took her to meet his brother.When she met both brothers she ran, she was only there to observe them for her job. They found her and conviced her to spend time with them. It was the best night of her life. Later an emergency happened and they went back home, with her. She had a great time with the brothers but it was time to go back home. Unfortunately she found out ,the hard way. that her job was a set up. She was getting sick because she was away from them, so Holt and Clayton were going to save her.

You can buy it on Amazon:

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Jasmine Lee - Sweet and Sassy summer spectacular author signing


Jasmine Lee will be here w/ Bri Jay​ , Donna Kitchens​ & Eric Marshall​

Something Amazing ( Something Great #4) by M. Clarke

Some nights have passion, some waves leave you wet, but everything is sexy at Knight Fashion Magazine...

From the International Bestselling, Reader's Favorite Award winning author of My Clarity; M. Clarke has readers plunge into the depths of romance and desire with Rachel and Jackson’s story.

No one said breaking up was easy, but escaping to Kauai only adds to Rachel Miller's confusion when fate collides her with Jackson Clark. He’s everything Rachel wants—confident, charismatic, and in charge—but his past catches up to them, creating rough waves that seems impossible to calm. Will their love for each other be strong enough or will it crash against the shore?

                                                               My opinion:
Rachel broke up with her boyfriend and decided to go on vacation to Kauai with her roommate Stacey. There she met a very handsome and cocky surfer, Jax. She was trying to avoid him because she believed that he was a player. He wanted to get to know her,and have her. What Jax wanted, Jax got it. They spend a few days together but then each of them went back to their life. Rachel accepted Matthew's business proposal and soon she was going to move to LA. Her sister Becky was getting married with Matthew in Paris, everyone was there. Even Jax. They spend an amazing night together. Then he left again, but they were gonna meet soon since they were going to try to have a long distance relationship. Unfortunately when Rachel found out Jax's secret,she was devastated. She felt betrayed and was very mad at him for hiding something like that. Her sister advised her to listen to what he had to say and then decide what to do. She followed her advice. But even though she loved him so much the situation seemed very complicated to her. That was until the moment she realised that she couldn't live without him. Chosing him was one of the best decisions of her life.

Such a beautiful story. The men in this series go after what they want and they don't stop until they get it. So Jax did exactly that. He craved Rachel and eventually had her. His only mistake was that he kept a secret from her, which caused them a few problems. Rachel, just like her sister, was very stubborn. She was also afraid to take risks in her life, but once she took them there was no going back. They fall hard for each other in only ten days. Their relationship was far from perfect at first, since their minds didn't always agreed with their bodies. But eventually that changed and their lives were so much better and fuller. Jax was a very cool and smart guy, always so sure of himself, and a gentleman. Rachel was very nice person,skilled photographer, with a few self-esteem issues.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                               Something Amazing

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So I Married A Rockstar : A Bad Boy Romance

I hate rockstars. All of them. But there’s one in particular… 

Drax is cocky, brash and one pitchfork away from being the devil himself. But he’s also the sexiest jerkwad I’ve ever met. Worse than that, he seems to crave my curves just as much as I long for his rock-hard, tattoo-covered body. 

What am I supposed to do, just ignore those mesmerizing ice-blue eyes? Or how all my bits and pieces tighten whenever he’s near? Or the way his voice gets all husky when he calls me Lola? 

Yeah, right. 

That’s how I ended up on a tour bus headed for Vegas as the band’s new manager. But it’s only temporary, much like what’s going on between Drax and me. I just wish he’d got the memo. Oh sure, he’s putting on a good show that this is more than a fling, but I know he’s just like every other bad boy, heavy metal musician. 

Want to know the worst part? I don’t like heavy metal or bad boys. 

Maybe I’ll lie to myself a little longer.

                                                               My opinion:
Lauren was an assistant in Harry Stephens Productions. Her boss  sent her to manage a signing for the lead singer from the Roadkill band. He was late and Lauren was fuming. If she screwed up she would be fired. She didn't realise how she went from hating Drax to kissing him. She was confused and went to talk to her best friend Pepper. Things didn't work out in the concert so Lauren lost her job but immediately found another one, as a manager of the band. She booked them a new concert since their last one was cancelled, and it was pure success. They went to celebrate and when she woke up the next morning she had a terrible headache and a wedding ring in her finger. She immediately asked for an annulment. Their band wasn't doing well since they had no concerts but Lauren was trying very hard to find something for them.  Also her relationship with Drax wasn't going well either because of her insecurities. At the end she finally did it, she made them famous and she was going to marry the man she loved. Lauren was happy with her new lifestyle, as a manager and a wife of a rockstar.

Very sweet, crazy, romantic story. Amazing characters, all of them so different. The rockstars don't act as the usual party animals. This story contains people with addiction, strong friendship, love at first sight. Lauren is a good girl gone bad. She was a hardworking girl, who had  a goal in her life and she was commited to it. Then everything changed when she met Drax, in only a few months her whole perspective changed and so did her life. Drax was a great person and singer who wanted nothing more than continue his career and marry the girl he loved.

My favorite line:
Telling me to relax is like telling a nervous chihuahua to relax. Ain't gonna happen.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                           so i married a rockstar

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The Rocker Who Betrays Me ( The Rocker #11) by Terri Anne Browning


I’ve always loved Zander Brockman in some shape or form. The boy who lived next door for the first seventeen years of my life has been my best friend, my confidant, my first crush, and my first love. I trusted him with my life and my heart. When he smiled at me I knew everything was going to be okay…

Until it wasn’t.


I haven’t seen that girl in seventeen years, and I’ve missed her every damn day. I knew I wasn’t good enough for her, so the night before I left with my bandbrothers for California, I stole a night with her. I lived off those memories. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t wanted to talk to her just one more time, but I knew she deserved a better man than me. Now, after seeing her again, I realize that I didn’t care if she should have a better man. My feelings were still as strong as they have ever been for her. I wanted to be with her…

But she hated the very sight of me.

                                                                 My opinion:
Anabelle and Zander were old friends and neighbours. When she had problems with her family he was the first person she went to. Their feelings changed alot when they were older, they fell in love with each other. When her brother Noah found out what was happening to her, he told her to move in with him. Annabelle was heartbroken that Zander broke his promise he gave her. Soon Zander's band, OtherWorld, were going to sign a contract and go to California. He promised her that he'd get her with him when he could and that they were going to get married. But he broke his promise for one more time. Present day: Annabelle is in California helping her client, Brie, after the accident she had. After what Zander had done to her she can't stand being around him. It's like a pain slices through her every time she sees or even hears his name. Life had a big surprise for Zander that made him feel like a big jerk. He wanted to be in Anna's life again so he talked to her and tried to spend as much time as he could with her and the rest of the family. He told her that he was going to marry her one day and this time he was going to keep his promise. After seventeen years they had their happily ever after.

This is the most romantic story of this book series. There's no crazy band concerts, no fighting, just simple love with a bit of a heartbreak. The two main characters are Zander and Annabelle. He had OCD that made him feel bad about himself, and took some bad decisions about his life because of that. Annabelle was the sweetest girl, everyone loved her, when she grew up she was very strong and successful in her job. Unlike most of the people,she never judged him, instead accepted him for who he was. He was her hero and she was the only person who could calm him down.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                        The Rocker Who Betrays Me

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That Which Destroys Me by Kimber S. Dawn

A beautiful, enchanting story of love, happiness—*Record needle scratches across vinyl* 
I'm just f==king with you. Love, happiness, and fairy tales… Yeah, they don't live here anymore. 
The only things residing amongst these thin and baren walls are Dominance, submission, and twisted obsession. 
Stella gets knocked down over and over throughout her life… Though she is bloodied and battered she stands back up every single time, smirks and nods before asking, "That all you got?". 
Wesley has shoved his way through the rich life with both middle fingers up. He's also shoved his way through half of the socialite population, but all that vanilla lifestyle has left him a starved man. 
He knows he can't keep his Dom fed with kinky little masochistic vanilla's anymore. 
On his mission to find the perfect sub, Wesley stumbles across a broken, shattered angel, only to find when she comes up swinging, that this little angel knows how to fight. 
He wants to be the one who breaks her… 
But it's not a question of who breaks her, the question is who destroys her. 

“We will fight, angel. We’ll fight hard. But it’ll be worth every strike below the belt. Every hateful or spiteful word said, because when we love, when we fuck, when our passion reaches an intensity so goddamn powerful like it has every single time, it’ll extinguish all the bad. I want all your hate, Stell… Just as much as I want all your love. We are doing this. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it, angel. Is that understood?” 

***Be Prepared to Expect the UNEXPECTED*** 

                                                                 My opinion:

Wesley is a very successful playboy who happens to be a Dom as well. He had everything but he was still sad. The few moments of excitement were when he visited his favorite BDSM club,Chained. Stella was looking for an internship and found one at the Jacobs Publishing House. Wesley liked Stella alot, she was the perfect intern for the Jacobs internship. He went to Chained to find a submissive but Stella had stuck on his mind, so he decided to convince her to be his. The first time he talked to her about it didn't go very well. But he wasn't quitting he was going to win her over. He convinced her to try and see if she liked it. He was right, Stella was a submissive and she was his. Their relationship wasn't perfect but it was working. One night Wesley witnessed one of her nightmares, and since she wasn't ready to talk, he decided to make a little search. Unfortunately he didn't find a way to help her before a man from her past took her away.
It started so sweet,but it turned out to be a horror story. At first i really liked it, it was the usual romantic story where the broken girl falls in love with the billionaire playboy. Everything good so far, then the guy (Wesley) starts to fall in love with the girl (Stella) too and he wants to help and protect her. I'm loving it even more, but then comes the betrayal and the horror story begins, which is the part that made me to not like it so much. Also the end isn't the one i prefer in the books i read.

In between the Wesley and Stella chapters there is the Monster which i have to say that it confused me alot.There is a scene in one of the "Monster" chapters that is so damn graphic, it was disgusting and horrifying. I can't even count the moments i said the phrase "What The Fuck?" The two main characters had alot in common: none of them believed in love, they were fighters and succeeded by themselves without any help. I loved Stella because after everything that happened to her she didn't break, she was so strong and was still fighting so she can have the life she deserved.

My favorite lines:
1)My eyes slide down her face and I watch as her neck bobbles, trying to swallow… She does swallow too—Just in case you were wondering.

2)“Did you just slap my pussy? Did you just open-palm slap the fuck out of my pussy?!”

3)“That’s quite alright, Rachel. One day, when you grow up, you’ll learn  being a whore is different than knowing how to fuck and suck like a whore.

4)“Wesley Jacobs. If you think I am walking into that office, past the receptionist that swallowed your cock for breakfast, to sit behind a desk for the rest of the day, in my current, very obviously been fucked state, you have lost your damn marbles, baby.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                     That Which Destroys Me